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July 21, 2010


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plus enrique iglesias is performing live! ^__^

Not exactly "Guantanamera" is it.

i actually turn off the tv after the pdd! bar exam is coming up soon! oh man. i did think jared caught yuriko late in something midway, but overall it was great. i cringed a little when the host said something like, oh wasn't that nice, like a little girl's fantasy, which seemed to say that ballet was for little girls, and now the show would go on with the real adult dancing. sigh.

Good luck with that exam. Break a tort.

thank youuu!!

A perfect example of how American ballet dancers are far inferior to their international counterparts. Any student of 16 should do as well as they did. Sad.

Hi Lola. Thanks for reading Haglund's Heel!

Tell us what during the two minute "TV version" of the Don Q was objectionable - other than the fact that it WAS a "TV version" of the great PdD that most of us know and love.

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