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June 16, 2011


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you know I agree with you on Stella! I thought she really stole the show last night - though I will admit Part was more watchable than usual. Hammoudi was better than I expected (though I wish his shirt wasn't so big on him, sharing with Jose, Marcelo....

Cory was great - though I almost wish Cory could do Act I and David coul =d do Act II...best of both worlds.

I was planning to write today about 5 reasons to love Stella Abrera. But I came up with so many more than 5 I had to put down the pen to be more succinct in a day or two. I heard those "Stella" cheers last night - and none of them were me!

Haglund, I'm with you all the way on Stella! She is now dancing at a principal level in everything she does. She blew Myrtha out of the ball park in Giselle. Please, please, ABT, promote her! I promise to attend every one of her performances in principal roles, and then some.

Amen to that, Haglund! Stella was fabulous last night as the ballerina, even more so in drag, and absolutely beautiful tonight in "Coppelia"!

Yep, Stella was beautiful as Dawn in Coppelia. But, if I were the AD and had this extraordinary dancer who has recurring back problems, I wouldn't have put her through a tough Bright Stream one night and then another variation with jumps and arabesques the very next night.

Looking forward to Cinderella next week - even if it isn't Ashton's, which I wish ABT would acquire.

I saw Ashton's "Cinderella" at the Royal Ballet in April, and I have to admit I was somewhat underwhelmed. But perhaps I would feel different if the leads were danced by, say, Marcelo and Stella. ;)

I wonder if Ratmansky would ever re-stage his version for ABT. I have only seen bits and parts of it on youtube, so I can't really comment on whether this would be a good thing or not...

I miss the tutus in Cinderella although the 1930s costumes of Kudelka's production are fabulous. To me, the dream isn't fully realized until she lands in a beautifully sequined tutu. It is, afterall, a fairytale. I think you're right about needing the right casting in Ashton's Cinderella: Part, Dvorovenko, Abrera, Lane would make me happy.

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