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July 26, 2011


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Hear hear!!!

Wow! Haglund, you can't imagine how wonderful it is to hear someone else "voice" my opinion. I've been blowing my top and fuming all year every time I saw an announcement for another guest artist at ABT.

ABT has been considered to have the best men about. Every time a man was injured (which was considerably this year), why didn't they use one of these amazing men?

Yeah, we have three votes!

I forgot to mention the highly interesting exchange that occurred in the press conference just before McKenzie's remarks on ABT as a star company.

A question was directed to Angel Corella about how he manages to both dance at ABT and direct his own company. Angel utilized some impressively crafted and very diplomatic words to note how understanding ABT has been with regard to his availability and how he hopes to continue to dance with ABT for a long time. We all know, of course, that McKenzie has been trying to cut him out of ABT for a few years now, and Angel previously went on the record with Time Out New York saying that he had been available for the whole season but had been offered only one performance. So, what happened post-press conference? Angel dances one Tchai Pas and then is pulled from both the Don Q and the closing gala FIVE days later with the reason cited as "illness." There ya go.

It was so interesting to watch everyone's body language on the video of the Japan press conference. When Angel spoke, Julie Kent just stared ahead with a blank expression on her face, hardly ever blinking her eyes. Interesting, I just read that in her R&J performance in Japan, she wasn't able to manage that during the "lean against the bed" scene before running off to find the friar. She never does it properly in NY either. I wish Lady Deborah MacMillan would address this shortcoming, because it's now starting to sift down the ranks simply because Julie has been allowed to do it improperly.

Also, when McKenzie was asked the question relative to ABT being a star company, Hallberg who was sitting next to him produced this wide eyed smile which I interpreted as "Uh-oh, we've hit a sensitive topic" and he proceeded to lean over to Murphy next him to let her know what had been asked.

I only wish the camera would have caught McKenzie's face when Simkin, who was at the other end of the table, started quoting Baryshnikov. LOL.

Interesting tidbit - Cojocaru is listed as one of the guest principals on the Corella Ballet website also. You'd think then she could have danced with Angel (or Herman, had he not been injured)??

Yep, it sure seems she could have.

Angel has handwritten a note to the Japanese people apologizing for his cancellation due to his injury. It appears about halfway down the page at this address:

I find Kevin McKenzie's argument about guest stars very weak. Sort of like, "Others have done it, why can't I?"

"Ou sont les neiges d'antan?"

It was validating and sad at the same time to read a Japanese balletomane's Tweet on Wednesday that she was passing up Hallberg's and Osipova's R&J because she didn't like seeing guest stars: validating because it shows that others around the world want to see ABT's own dancers perform its ballets but sad because McKenzie just doesn't comprehend it.


More comments from the Japanese balletomanes regarding guest artist Osipova's performance in MacMillan's R&J:

"all say Osipova is over-acting & will drag Romeo to bed after balcony to make love"

"Very mixed views about Oshipova's Juliet but some say she was Manon rather than Juliet & majority of my friends didn't like her portrayal"


It appears that Osipova is campaigning for Manon at ABT next spring the way Michele Bachmann is campaigning for president - by convenient misinterpretations.

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