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August 25, 2011


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Wish Joseph would come to NYCB. He and his lovely lady, Ana Sophia Scheller (of NYCB, as you know), dance beautifully together (they did some guest touring this summer)!

He would do really well at NYCB. However, given a few months under Bocca, I think he could step into many of Herman Cornejo's major roles. Bocca was such a huge influence in the development of the Cornejos. Joseph is just one more enormously talented individual at ABT who isn't getting the artistic management that he needs and deserves.

Are we losing Cornejo?

Didn't mean to suggest that. Phillips has Cornejo-like potential and it would be nice to see him get more opportunities to prove his worth.

Thanks, Haglund. I know Cornejo was injured this past season and for a moment I feared the worst.

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