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October 28, 2011


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It's about time!!! So glad for Stella!

Now there's a performance I would pay to watch live in HD on a movie screen - (rather than the Bolshoi's mass marketing of a certain other showboat.) I'm so happy for Stella!

wonderful to hear :)

From theatreview.org's Greer Robertson:

"Guest Artist Stella Abrera from American Ballet Theatre as Princess Aurora is divine. With crystal clear precision she executed the most difficult of steps with ease, grace and fluidity."


From the Dominion Post's review of RNZB's Sleeping Beauty (courtesy of our friends at nzdancenews):

"Stella Abrera was in truly elegant command throughout"

Here's the link to the full review:

Don't know if you're on Facebook or not, but there's a gorgeous photo of Stella as Aurora on the RNZ's FB page.

Thank you Suzette!!

According to Radio New Zealand, RNZB is now considering touring its Sleeping Beauty to China as early as 2012. Here's the link:


From The National Business Review:

"Last Friday night on the stage of the St James Theatre Stella Abrera in the guise of Princess Aurora appeared to inhabit a different world from the dancers around her. This was not just great classical dancer but a sparkling gem of pure movement.

Her dazzling display combined supreme elegance, technical fluidity and emotional richness which was electrifying in its power and urgency."

Here's the link:


Fashion stylist Sally-ann Moffat blogs about RNZB's opening night of Sleeping Beauty:

"Stella Abrera the Guest Artist for RNZB, a soloist from American Ballet Theatre, was mesmerising as Aurora. Her delicate frame, her beauty and her expressive form were enchanting to watch. The Rose Adagio is a technically challenging part of the role of Aurora and she accomplished it with grace and apparent ease. Sergio Torrado (most recently seen on the Big Screen as Natalie Portman’s dance partner in Black Swan) guest starred as Prince Dèsirè providing an athleticism and raw masculinity needed in a ballet of this calibre. His strength and virility offset Aurora’s vulnerability with a subtle and delicate nuance. His characters initial disinterest gave way to a display of tenderness seen only in the greatest love stories."

Here's the link:


Now I can die happy. Thank you, Haglund, for your extraordinary blog!

This is not the time to die. We have miles to go before we sleep. Repeat.

Yup, you're right Haglund, this is not the time to die--we'll have to wait until ABT has a "No Guest Star" season with a 100% ABT dancer cast.

We may have to live forever.

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