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October 13, 2011


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Where is Stella? Is she in New Zealand? Please don't tell me she's injured again.

Hi Angelica.

Call 212-477-3030 press 0

Why wouldn't they put out an announcement or at least update her bio to show that she is starring in Sleeping Beauty in NZ? They seem to be trying to keep it hush-hush.

Yes, she's in New Zealand. Well, I'm glad I didn't buy tickets for the November engagement and I don't think I will. The only dancers I really want to see are Veronika Part and Sarah Lane, and I'm seeing them in Nutcracker. You, trustworthy Haglund, will be my second pair of eyes.

All eyes across the ditch to New Zealand, Mate! A big chocolate fish for Stella!

Angelica, you might want to consider the Saturday evening 11/12 performance. It includes Veronika's second performance of The Garden of Villandry. It also includes the second performance of Blaine Hoven and Maria Riccetto stepping in for Stella and Hallberg in Seven Sonatas. So, both of those performances should have the kinks out. And of course, a Saturday night romp of In the Upper Room is a good way to blast the evening to a close.

I very much appreciate the suggestion, and might have considered doing that, except for the fortune I've already spent on the Nina/Ratmansky performance and the two Nutcrackers. I cannot see through binoculars so always have to buy the most expensive seats in the house. Oh for the good old days when I would see multiple Giselles in a week from standing room at the back of the orchestra! But I will reconsider and, in any event, avidly read your reviews.

Thank you so much for posting this link. Since I live in the midsection of the country and don't get to NYC very often, I very much appreciated to see this wonderful presentation. Great insights and beautiful dancers.

Hi Connie. You're very welcome. Of course you know that the live presentation will be repeated tomorrow night and includes Gillian Murphy!

Haglund - your'e right. I'm completely sold. My reservation is made to travel to NYC in November. Can't wait to see the finished work live.

Yep, I told you - let them get one foot in the door and your wallet is empty.

Dear Haglund, we really enjoyed the presentation yesterday--thank you again for sharing the link. Wish we could get to NYC more often!

You're very welcome.

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