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March 03, 2012


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So beautiful i could spew ;)
thanks for sharing!

LOL. Me, too.

Talk about refined! Stella is exquisite. It's criminal that she isn't being promoted and given more principal roles. And she is so secure in Gennadi arms.

Criminal it is. McKenzie's arbitrary casting of the two LEAST EXPERIENCED women soloists in leading principal role after leading principal role while ignoring the uber-talented senior soloists is transparent and capricious.

Yes, Stella is definitely secure with Saveliev. He is a superb partner who has the strength to do it all - unlike ....

Actually, watching Stella, I can't help but feel that there's something seriously out of whack. She is so obviously exquisitely classical, it's difficult to believe that the AD doesn't see it. And if he doesn't, then what about Martine? She was a beautiful dancer. Doesn't she have something to say about this? And those two LEAST EXPERIENCED soloists are so uninteresting to watch. Without making a direct accusation, it almost makes me think of racism. You can delete or edit this post, Haglund, if you think it inappropriate.

I retract that previous notion. I'd forgotten about the lovely Sarah Lane. It's just sheer stupidity.

No problem.

Watching this once again today, and I find the tenderness and refined beauty in this performance just stunning.

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