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June 15, 2012


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Absolutely gutted that i had to miss this one :'( glad to hear it was a good one, tho.
thanks for the review, hag.

Don't miss his Puck or you'll be screaming ___.

missing his romeo was devastating enough. herman is The Ultimate Puck- i plan to be there.

Stella is such a great Lady C; I've never seen her with Sascha as Tybalt but I imagining it and it's wonderful.

Haglund- is Veronika still doing Lady C or is that no more?

Hi K. I don't know whether Veronika is still doing Lady Capulet or not.

I went to see R&J last night with Marcelo and Diana. They were stupendous, magnificent, unforgettable... even better than they were in Onegin. This was one of the best R&J performances I've ever seen (and I've seen many).

I agree wholeheartedly with B! I hope you got to see Diana & Marcelo, Haglund! They were mind-blowing!

Hi B. and Batsuchan!

I know I missed a good one. Sadly.


I saw this show and thought the leads were quite good. But I like NYCB R&J better.

I notice with almost every ABT production you have a sea of people on the stage standing or sitting around watching one solo or duet after another. Sometimes it feels like a dance off. ABT presents "So You Think You Can Dance."

With NYCB the sets are "lighter," the costumes don't look like everyone walked off a set from The Tudors and if you're on stage you're almost always dancing. I could play some of the roles at ABT. You just have to fit into the costume.

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