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June 12, 2012


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Oh boo, i really want to like firebird! I won't get to see it until it's back with the Dream tho. Twitter comments were generally favorable, however, so i'm keeping an open mind :)

Yes, keep an open mind. The dancers are of course very good and they probably love the challenging steppiness of the choreography. But they have a completely different perspective from those of us who sit in the audience.

I hadn't bought a ticket to Firebird because I expected I would hate it, for the very reasons of which you speak. Wish I had been there for the Veronika-David PdD in Apollo, however. Veronika and David were paired a couple of years ago in Swan Lake, in a last-minute substitution for Irina and Max, and I loved seeing them dance together. He didn't drop her then so I assume he wouldn't drop her now. I would so much like to see them together again, instead of pairing David with you-know-who and you-know-who. Thanks so much for your terrific review of the performance, Haglund.

I agree that we should see more of VP/DH.

While you may want to skip Firebird, you definitely don't want to miss The Dream which is paired with it next week. All casts for The Dream are pretty good.

I was anticipating your review on Firebird as it made me a bit excited to hear of the new production. However, what you (and many other reviews I've come across) describe sounds like "enhancing for the worse" at its best. Quite some choreographers tend to do it these days and even though I am otherwise open-minded, it's nothing I can appreciate. It's nice to add some depth, a different perspective still within the framework or to bring something fresh in, but please, with some taste. This doesn't sound like something I would enjoy. The Dream however is just enchantingly charming.

Hi Kallima. I agree. I can forgive a bad idea, but a bad take on someone else's good idea isn't something I like to see. Ratmansky, from my initial viewing, didn't copy anybody's choreography, however. It's kind of hard to understand why he wanted to create another Firebird.

I wasn't sold on this cast during the premiere--Misty&co do get it much more right so if they are paired with one of The Dreams, you might want to stick it out to see them. There's just not enough dancing and the pdquatre at the end still makes no sense.

I'm still peeved Apollo got yanked from the tour for Duets!!

Hi K.

You are oh-so right. Just got back from the "Misty"cast and found it so much more tolerable. Will post shortly.

Thank you for your review Haglund. I have not seen Firebird. They toured here a few months ago but I love Fokine's Firebird so much that the thought of a different version makes me sad. It sounds like Hallberg and Part were great. Wish I could have seen that as I love Apollo.


I had a different experience tonight at the Misty/Herman/Maria/Roman Firebird. The complaints are still the same but somehow the production was not as offensive. Will post shortly.

Thanks for stopping by and reading H.H.


While it's true, Angelica, that David did not drop Veronika at that last-minute Swan Lake, it's my recollection that he very nearly did twice. I agree that they're both beautiful dancers, and it's a nice treat getting to see them dance together. (I actually flew across town that Saturday morning when their performance was announced to buy tickets.) But I fear that with David's bad shoulder(s) it's a partnership that just isn't meant to be. Veronika's much safer in Marcelo's capable arms, in my opinion.

Oh-oh-oh--nanushka, this is the first I've heard about David's bad shoulder(s). One has to be very careful with shoulders, so I quite agree that it wouldn't be good to pair him with Veronika. What a loss! I do remember that he almost dropped Hee Seo twice during her debut performance of Giselle a couple of years ago. This time Veronika is being paired with Cory Stearns in Swan Lake, but it remains to be seen whether Cory will be believable as a prince. He wasn't believable as the older, regretful Onegin. He is handsome and has a beautiful line. I hope it's that he simply needs to grow up a bit more.

Saw the Firebird yesterday & was utterly disappointed! !!You summed it all up in a marvelous review!!!
Thanks for your honesty!!!

Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by H.H.

I'm afraid it didn't help Firebird to be on a bill with Ashton's masterpiece this week.

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