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October 18, 2012


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Thanks for keeping us updated!! I hope the Moor's Pavane makes it out here on the triple.

Nice to hear such good things about Sascha.

haglund- skylar was such a huge stand out for me in upper room last week at bard as well- that girl positively sparkles. i couldn't take my eyes off her! (well, unless sascha or herman were on stage).
this was my second time seeing sascha at super close range in upper room & really, i'm not sure it's even legal to be that sexy.

Brandt and Graniero were brilliant last year and were brilliant this year! last night was my 3rd time seeing them in the bomb squad roles and they were pretty much flawless.

Veronika Part was a dream in the Moor's Pavane as well. She stole the show for me. Stearns did well too (I'm not crazy about him.

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