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October 20, 2012


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Thank you, Haglund, for your great review. I saw the dress rehearsal, both casts, and was overwhelmed by how much there was to take in (dancing, dancers, not to mention the distracting costumes). You've helped give me a context in which to view tonight's performance, which I'm sure will have more meaning for me than it otherwise would have.

I, too, saw both casts. I have loved Bolle in classical roles, but he is overwhelmed by the Ratmansky. Gomes brought so much nuance and dramatic/comic detail to the role, it's hard to recognize that Bolle is performing the same choreography. I hope Bolle gets some serious coaching, soon.

Hi Angelica.

I'll take your compliment and quickly tuck it away in my pocket because I could be 100% wrong on my observations about the subtexts of the ballet.

Hi Julie (from Denver). I have no doubt that Marcelo pulled a lot more out of the choreography. (A) he's a better actor and contemporary dancer than Roberto, and (B) this is his third or fourth go-around with Ratmansky's creations.

Sounds much better than The Firebird. Stella and Veronika are quite the dynamic duo in Ratmansky choreography; I love that they continue to be matched up by him.

Do we have any photos of the costumes?

The NY Times review today has a color photo on the web site:

ROTFL - El Capitan marching with his toes turned out!!! The miracle is that Simkin did not throw in an impromptu cartwheel from his competition solo 'Les Bourgeois'!

Looking forward to the new Ratmansky when it goes to DC in the spring.

Hi Natalie. I cringed from the moment he entered the stage until he left. My feeling is that Sarah knows what that PdD is supposed to look like and is definitely working toward it; but Simkin doesn't have a clue. It's just another vehicle for what ever trick he wants to do.

So unfair to pair them. It must be difficult to have to dance with a limited partner. I hope Veronika and Roberto are paired more often, as they make a gorgeous couple. And perhaps Cory's performance in The Moor's Pavane bodes well for his development as an artist, not only worthy of partnering Veronika but able to bring out the best in her (or rather, not stifling the best in her).

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