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October 30, 2012


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Haglund, I'm very happy to read this post- mostly to know that you are well. And САША, too. He will be excellent. What do you think- brisés or entrechats? I think brisés.

Hi dc!

I believe that I saw a clip of САША when he performed Albrecht in Amsterdam where he did the entrechats six. I prefer the brises - they're more dramatic and make for a better confrontation between Albrecht and Myrta.

Viva Mongolia!

This post perfectly exemplifies why I love this blog, Haglund. Hope you're staying safe and dry enough.

Thanks K. Safe. Mostly dry. Cabin fever.

Haglund, I am glad you are okay. Stormy, rainy, windy, floody :) weather like that is a fact of life here in the tropics during monsoon season, but images of Sandy's impact on New York are a bit unnerving, so 'The Day After Tomorrow'-like.

I am glad Sascha is dancing Albrecht. I originally saw him in the 'Center Stage' Mandy Moore video, and when I looked him up years later I was puzzled that he hadn't advanced as far as I had hoped. Well, now I know I have ABT's AD to thank for that...


Hi Kit. I imagine that those long monsoons get pretty tiring. At least Hurricane Sandy blew through in a day or two.

You're exactly on the mark as to who to thank for Radetsky not rising to the level of greatness that we anticipated. No opportunities to dance = no progress for the dancer.

Yes, the monsoons can get old really fast. But then when it's the height of the dry season, we all wish for rain! :)

It was mid-70's, sunny, a light breeze here today in Los Angeles. I went to dinner in shorts and a t-shirt. I love it here! :-)

Hope everyone affected by Sandy is OK, the photos/video I've seen is jaw dropping.

Is there a DVD/YouTube version of Spartacus that anyone can recommend? I love the suites that Khachaturian made out of the full score, I'd love to hear/see the full ballet. Thanks.

Hi Henry.

The impact of the 100 year storm wasn't quite at the level of a 100 year earthquake but the devastation in lower Manhattan and in Queens is tough to see. My house guest has no clue as to when she will be able to get back to recover anything from her apartment.

The best video of Spartacus I've seen is the one of Mukhamedov and Bessmertnova from the 1980s. Here's the Amazon link:

Here is a link to a fantastic composite of the PdD from the above video and a 1960s performance by Maximova and Vasiliev in which the two are spliced together. The B&W historical footage of Maximova and Vasiliev changes to color to reveal Bessmertnova and Mukhamedov and then back to B&W.


Haglund, I *still* have nightmares about the 1994 Northridge quake. I had just gotten up and I thought my apartment was never going to stop shaking. My job was close to the epicenter and when we went back to work, the inside of the building looked like a neutron bomb had gone off; my desk was right below an HVAC unit, I would have been crushed instantly if I'd been there when the earthquake hit.

The difference between NYC and LA in these terms is that big earthquakes are still kind of rare; I read yesterday that NYC can expect similar events as Sandy every winter from now on. :-( I love New York, I've had some mind-blowing experiences there, it's heartbreaking to see the devastation, I hope you and your loved ones are safe, dry and warm.

Thank you for the recommendations. It's a desert here, ballet wise, until the usual Nutcrackers, the next thing I'm looking forward to is in February, the Joffrey doing The Rite of Spring, which I've never seen danced.

Hey Haglund, has there been any news about ABT's Barcelona performance? Or if there's been an Angel Corella sighting in the audience... :)

Hi Kit. I haven't seen any critical reviews published, but have observed some astute comments online. It sounds like it all went as most everyone expected it to go -- but not better.

I haven't heard anything about Corella who probably isn't over-joyed that ABT came into the theater with which he has been trying to forge a permanent relationship for his own Barcelona Ballet. The Gran del Teatre Liceu apparently hasn't yet picked up on the fact that there is an outstanding, world class company already situated in Barcelona that needs its support.

You probably have assumed this by now, but unfortunately my plans to see them in Barcelona did not work out. I wanted to attend opening night. After Herman was injured and replaced, I've had mixed feelings about the plan not working out.

Hi Kallima.

I was wondering about your silence but assumed that your travel plans didn't work out. You'll have other chances to see Herman. I understand the mixed feelings - completely understand ;>

It seems that the company's website is down today; so a couple of the links at the end of the post don't work. Don't know wassup dare.

Whoever had the idea to invite ABT to Barcelona, whether it was from ABT or the Liceu's end, is the recipient of my ambivalent feelings. On one hand, yay for Barcelona fans who get to see ABT. On the other hand, fondness for Angel makes me sort of view the visit as kind of, well, insensitive. There's this irrational part of my brain that pictures McKenzie with a smirk, going 'Take that! Upstart who dared create his own company and show me up by featuring ABT dancers who I don't want to cast sensibly in principal roles.' At least Herman gets to dance them now...

And you hit the nail on the head, Haglund, about BCNB needing support especially during the crisis. I'm really worried about about Angel and his company.

I totally agree with you, Kit. It was very insensitive of ABT and gives the appearance that they were trying to put the proverbial final nail in the coffin at Barcelona Ballet.

ABT could have reduced the negative effect on Angel's company by adding some of Barcelona Ballet's corps dancers to their performances and publicizing it. When Herman got injured, why wasn't Angel seduced into dancing with his former partner Xiomara Reyes which would have allowed Barcelona to re-acquaint itself with his star-power and increased interest in his company?

And Kit, you're probably right about McKenzie's smirk.

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