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November 07, 2012


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Why, why. why can't ABT have this kind of PR?:( Whatever Peter Martins' faults are, I have to commend him and the rest of NYCB for having such a cohesiveness to their marketing.

I agree. He is such a fabulous spokesman for the company, unlike, well, you know.

Off-topic: I read on a ballet message board that when ABT got stuck in Barcelona because of Sandy, Angel let them rehearse in his studios. Have you heard anything about this? I tried Googling, but haven't come up with anything.

Hi Kit.

I hadn't heard that but would not be surprised if that were the case.

Shouldn't marketing and PR be Rachel Moore's concern? I don't think the AD should be expected to "grow the brand". Is anybody here old enough to remember when ballet was considered an art form only slightly less highly regarded than religion? I'm feeling that I should just admit - to myself - that the entire enterprise of theatrical dance has become nothing more than a rotting pile of excrement, and move on. I suspect that once Marcelo Gomes retires from the stage I will stop going to see anything. I also suspect this mood may pass.


Sure, the business side should have oversight of the marketing, but it always helps to have an artistic side that can speak eloquently and persuasively on behalf of its institution like Martins can and does in this video.

ABT's marketing is so lame and unimaginative that it is truly worthless -- the worst ever. And both McKenzie and Moore are terrible and insincere-sounding speakers. When they open their mouths, it usually results in more harm than good.

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