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November 20, 2012


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Wow they've been holding onto this since 2011?!

Are his muses Sterling Hyltin, Tiler Peck, and Ana Sophia Scheller? The last one I am guessing.

I was fortunate enough to be at the performance (9/16/11) and it was a fabulous debut. Fairchild was a much more theatrical Apollo than we've seen in several years. What a fantastic moment on that clip where one of the greatest Apollos of all time kisses Fairchild on both cheeks and tells him that he was great.

Yes, K, you're right about the three muses. They "delivered" Fairchild and a few months earlier, the same three "delivered" Chase Finlay in his incredible Apollo debut.

So happy I caught this - I don't watch 60 Minutes every week. I'll be glued to my TV. I like football too :) except the commercial interruptions are so excessive I've come to think that we watch a little football in between ads.

I used to wish ballet were as popular as football, but if this is the cost of popularity, nope. Imagine what it would be like if we were to see Symphony in C with commercial interruptions between the movements.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Diana, and thanks for the lovely thought of Symphony in C with commercial interruptions.

That was a nightmare scenario, Haglund. (What would be truly dystopian would be if the commercials were in Mandarin.)

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