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November 04, 2012


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Ooh, a mention of Haglund! :)

Hooray for Sascha! I hope there will be pics and videos.

I hope so, too.

Very off-topic, but I'm curious to learn which Swan Lake ending of whatever Swan Lake production do you prefer? I don't think the Soviet 'happy ending' works for me. The Royal Ballet's 'lovers on the swan boat' always makes me think of amusement park rides. ABT's 'lovers behind the big sun' is okay, I guess. I just try to ignore most of act IV (and green swamp thing) in McKenzie's production.

VonRothbart - ugly death
Odette - lingering, soulful suicide
Siegfried - panic followed by suicide

A happy ending to Swan Lake doesn't make me happy, either. I do like the swamp thing in McKenzie's production, but then, I also like the big ugly owl-lish creature in the Royal Ballet's old production.

Oh, I like the swamp thing, too--but he's just too campy for me. So I have to ignore him (with mixed success) because I have the urge to burst out laughing when I'm trying to focus on the angst. Fortunately, I usually get swept away by the music.

I definitely agree with your preferences for the villain's death and the lovers' double-suicide.

Have the Royal Ballet debuted a new production? Parts of the old one I liked, such as the mime scenes, Act IV choreography and such. And RB prizes actor-dancers, which I'm definitely happy about. I thought that it would have been useful to streamline some things, though. I had an overall impression of 'over-wrought', or 'cluttered', and that wasn't limited to the sets and costumes.

Wonderful for Sascha and not so good for us here, when do we get to have a treat like this?
Feeling the same with Kit here, pretty please someone posts something soon, pictures, or a video clip!

I intensely dislike the corps running back and forth across the front of the stage in the current ABT Swan Lake. I do love the version, which I've seen only on DVD, with Nina Ananiashvili and (the unfortunately bland) Alexei Fadeyechev with the State Ballet of Perm. I think there's a happy ending in that version, but I don't quite remember. I much prefer the tragic ending, but the corps dancing in Act IV is beautiful in the Russian production.

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