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December 22, 2012


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Clicked here just about the right moment it seems!
Glad the stream is working fine.

Yes, you did. It seems that another channel there is also live-streaming it, but interrupts now and then for news and other stories:
It's also running a sub-script about Julio and Eleonora.

Thank you for posting this!
Great to see Herman now. And looking forward to see more.

My pleasure.

Well, that was fun! The animated backdrops were sure strange but herman looked great & so glad he got to dance so much throughout the performance! What a nice christmas treat :)
And how cute was julio?!

I kind of enjoyed most of the animated backdrops. Considering the venue, we weren't going to see a lot of scenery dropping in and out. Video was the compromise. I wouldn't want to see it in a theater, but it was okay for the outdoor stage.

The important thing is that we got to see Herman in a Nutcracker this year -- and we saw it for FREE!

Yes!! Hooray!!

I also love that it was free for the audience there as well & outdoors with the big screens like a rock concert. For a BALLET!!! i LOVE that!

Sadly, something on that grand of a scale would so-o-o fail in this country. However, when POB was in Chicago last year, they transmitted their opening performance of Giselle onto a huge, really huge screen in Millennium Park and got a very good turn-out.

Yeah, sadly i think you're right. But i suppose the POB thing is encouraging. :)

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