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December 29, 2012


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Hi Haglund, that's some awesome sleuthing you've done for the Beijing casting. Stella stepping into Veronika's role as Emilia bodes well (but I dare not hope too much). Also on the plus side, although it isn't quite the same as opening in Swan Lake, we will get to see Part and Gomes closing in Sleeping Beauty.

Sorry for the confusion. Veronika is listed as Emilia for the opening night in Beijing with her usual cast, and Stella is listed for the same role the next night. For the second night, Radetsky is listed in the Iago spot; Hammoudi, Othello; Seo, Desdemona.

Sorry, Haglund, again for the confusion. I understood that Stella was dancing the role on a separate night from Veronika, not taking her place in Veronika's usual cast. What I meant was that it was nice to see Stella being given a role that Veronika already dances, and given that scenario, maybe there's still some hope.

Happy New Year, Haglund!

Happy New Year, Kit! Here's hoping that lots of great ballet comes your way in 2013!

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