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January 18, 2013


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Indeed; what truly awful news for him, his family, and his dancers. I hope the doctors are able to help him regain his vision--a most precious commodity for everyone, but especially an ex-dancer/coach. I wish someone had taken the threats he received more seriously from the outset, though we can say this in most cases of tragedy.

Agree about taking the threats seriously, especially in a society where political violence within cultural institutions is not unheard of.

Ismene Brown:


I hope he comes out okay. I was quite shocked when the news popped up in my Headlines tab.

Hi Kit.

Sometimes we like to think that the theater is a safe haven or idyllic place where we can slip away for a few hours while great artists soothe our bruises from the day. But it's really a subculture just like any other subculture with all the same problems.

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