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February 06, 2013


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It is inconceivable to me that Simkin is cast in Symphony in C. I thought this program, especially the first night would be safe.

In the KenCen brochure for this month, there is a picture of Vasiliev as Ali. After photos of Corella and Carreno, this just looks crude.

I haven't given them money this year and I have not renewed my Met subscriptions. I am genuinely sad and in grief about the ABT situation.

dc, "crude" is a very good description of Vasiliev's dancing; there certainly is not an ounce of grace in it. Just wait until the folks at KC get a glimpse of him in white tights as Conrad at the Sunday matinee.

I think you're with the majority who doesn't understand Simkin's casting in Symph in C -- especially when there are so many other dancers in the company who could dance it well, if given the opportunity.

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