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February 10, 2013


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Haglund: I'm really looking forward to ABT coming here to Los Angeles with Le Corsaire in July. Any idea when they'd announce the LA casting?

Quick ballet reviews from ballet newbie HH:

Joffrey Ballet, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 2/2/13
Liang: Age of Innocence
Forsythe: In the middle, somewhat elevated
Nijinsky/Stravinsky: Le sacre du printemps

Finally, to see the ballet that caused all that ruckus 100 years ago. To be honest, from the vantage point of 2013, it was all a bit tame, predictable and somewhat academic. My friend commented that maybe it was the total lack of familiar story-ballet moves that made it so radical, but just as the score is almost Top 40 Classical fare, maybe the dancing is just as tame now. Loved the Forsythe, the Liang was pleasant. Excellent dancing all around, very strong corps work.

Segerstrom Hall, Costa Mesa, 2/9/13
Neumeier/Auerbach: The Little Mermaid

This was more like it. I suspect that more than one mother bringing her young daughter was expecting Ariel and dancing crabs but oh my, this was light years away from Disney fluff. I loved the ballet, I loved the production, I loved Auerbach's conservative modernist score. It was my first encounter with a Neumeier piece, I'd love to see his "Death in Venice". I found his mixture of ballet, movement and acting totally engrossing. The last five minutes was heartbreaking, the staging and music and dancing fusing together to portray the Mermaid's sad fate. Helene Bouchet was incredible as the Mermaid, her entire body totally committed to every moment. Sorry, my program is at home, I can't remember the other dancers names, but again, no weak links in the cast and the total commitment to the piece by everyone was awe inspiring. A great afternoon at the ballet and as a bonus, there was glorious weather down in the OC.

The Dot and Segerstrom should be announcing their 2013/14 seasons soon, hopefully there'll be more Neumeier on the horizon. Oh, and Paris Opera Ballet? Please please please please come to the Pacific time zone. Please?

Hi Henry.

I don't know why ABT is holding back the principal casting for LA. They obviously know what the majority of it will be. They also know what the rep will be for the first night, but are holding it back, too. In the past, the casting has shown up on the venue's FB page long before ABT formally announced it; so, just keep an eye out for it.

Sorry that you weren't very thrilled with the Joffrey's Le Sacre.

I saw a TV presentation of The Little Mermaid and found it all fascinating. Neumeier is a fabulous storyteller -- his Lady of the Camellias makes you pine for the good ole days of consumption.

If your prayers for a Paris Opera Ballet at the Dot or Segerstrom are answered, I will probably find a way to get out there to see it.

It's so great that you are seriously smitten with ballet. I can't wait to hear what you think of Le Corsaire.

They usually announce LA casting for ABT in May, so we have a good while. Indeed-- it's frustrating, especially when we know they know.

I, too, was at both those programs and enjoyed them, though I saw the opening night of the Joffrey with After the Rain, which remains absolutely hypnotizing whomever is dancing it. Loved the Rite as well. Little Mermaid was wonderful and haunting to see again, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to see the first cast in it due to an unexpectedly busy week.

We haven't had the POB out here since early 2000s...the dance programming at Segerstrom Center for Ardani Artists has taken a bit of a decline. One can dream! I just want the days back where we got all ballet companies for a full seven shows.

I would imagine that Millepied might be interested in bringing POB to the Hollywood crowd. Not sure that I'd care for his programing, but one never knows.

I'm wishing and hoping for a Mariinsky Raymonda for the summer in NYC, but that seems like a fairly remote possibility.

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