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February 25, 2013


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It's a shame though that Chase won't get to dance with a better Terpischore. The casting at the Mariinsky makes little sense if we are to judge from youtube videos.

Hi Genna. I haven't been able to find any Terpsichore YouTube clips for Shirinkina, but agree that she's not what one automatically thinks of for that role. Hopefully, those very secretive and skillful videographers who haunt the Mariinsky stalls will upload some or all of this performance shortly after it occurs.

Hi Hagland, I have seen Shirinkina in Jewels. Also there are videos of her on yt mainly of her being woefully deficient in techinique and ability for phrasing as Aurora plus other soloist variations. The Russians now just film everything and post on yt even if those performances of dancers are sadly underwhelming. What I don't understand is why another NYCB ballerina can't get to dance Terpischore with Chase at the Mariinsky just to show those Russians how it's done.

It's the nature of the Festival to match up guests with Mariinsky dancers. When Finlay was engaged for the gig, he was still a relatively new soloist. That may have factored into the Mariinsky's decision to cast a second soloist and two coryphees as his muses - to keep the cast level-appropriate. They just had no idea how good Finlay is. He will shine no matter who the muses are, and he will surely receive future invitations.

I have seen many of the Youtube videos of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi "dancing" Balanchine...and all I can say is they they are awful......I would rather see the lovely "Shurale" than another attempt at a Balanchine ballet....let them dance what they know best.... But I wonder , do their dancers ever get tired of the same few ballets year in , year out ? Mostly by "Petipa"....well , they claim that their distortions are "better" than Petipa .

Hi Fred.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to a little bit of Chase Finlay's Apollo at the Mariinsky with Batoeva and Shirinkina.
The women look very Mariinsky-polished as opposed to NYCB-energized, but heck, I'm not going to complain one bit about what I see on this clip. Different - yes. Marvelous - yes. Chase had some nervous knees but still looked very good. I hope you have or will have an opportunity to see his full Apollo at his home theater.

Dear Haglund ,
I did see Finlay at the NY State (Ooops...the Koch)
Theater.....and after seeing this clip...my impression is that he was even more tentative at the Mariinsky . I think many are just taken by his good looks ...he certainly is a budding talent , but I think he was promoted too soon . I agree the Mariinsky women look polished....but lacking in character...and boringly bland , but should be commended , nevertheless. Judging by the staircase , it looks like they did the uncut version . R. Fairchild on the other hand is.....beyond words in my humble opinion .Thank you for posting the clip...a real treat ! By the way,on Youtube there is a poorly photographed clip of R. Bolle.....and from the little that was presented , was quite interesting..something that I did not expect from him. Too bad D. Woetzel never did it at NYCB...

Regarding Finlay...perhaps I was overly critical of his "Apollo", however , he was magnificent in "Duo Concertant"( so is R. Fairchild - both are , albeit in a different way ) and in "Symphony in C".
To make an analogy.....he is similar to what Boal was (Apollonian ) , and R. Fairchild is in the D. Woetzel( Dionysian ) mold . I think you get what I mean.....

Over the years, I haven't always been a fan of Peter Martins' management, but his development of the current generation that includes Finlay, R. Fairchild, Taylor Stanley, Ana Sophia, Tiler, and many others is turning me into a near-worshipper.

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