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February 21, 2013


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I love every one of these dancers; each promotion well deserved but particularly thrilled for Lauren K, Georgina, Ashley, and Megan who each worked hard for about a decade in the corps!

Chase's promotion to principal was a matter of time; we can now stop guessing when. No way was the company going to keep Justin Peck in the corps...

Hi Fan Zhang!

So true. I love them all too, and they have all danced so well these past several seasons.


Very different from some other companies, the names of which I won't mention.

Yup. The "difference" is in the respect for the artists.

Agreed...but how about "retiring" S .Marcovici and J. Stafford....even ballet novices wince when they see these two...as they did with Martins Jr....... We all remember his "wonderful" "Apollo"...But Ask la Cour ? Don`t ask !

I don't disagree with criticisms of some of those dancers although I have very much admired Jon Stafford's work these past two years. I can't immediately recall Ask's Apollo although I may have seen it. But Nilas - oh Lordy - he looked like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Haglund ,

It is too bad that A. Danchig-Waring is rarely mentioned . Just look at the physique - perfect for ballet...and of course , more importantly , the quality of his dancing. Do you remember him in Robbins` "In G Major "? Of course he does not have the "looks" of a Fairchild or Finlay , and he has was out part of last year . I understand that he danced "Apollo" in Havana - now that I would like to have seen !! There are a few pictures on the Internet of his rehearsing , and some stage shots....

Adrian is phenomenal. Up until the last season before being appointed to principal, he focused so intensely on doing everything perfectly and doing so with maximum energy that he often forgot about the audience. Once he learns to use his face expressively, I think people will perceive him to be extremely attractive. He has a bit of a problem keeping his ribs down which I've noticed mostly in some of the Black & White ballets, but you're right, he has a great physique.

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