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February 14, 2013


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I remember when P.Martins version came up in the early 1990`s....his version is rather pedestrian...and the NYCB dancers cannot do mime.. .but after seeing the Viharev reconstruction based on the Stepanov notations , I think all such efforts are a waste of money and talent. I do no agree with the criticism of Vikharev....except that reconstruction of the sets and costumes from 1890 was a mistake...they do not speak to us today...perhaps Juergen Rose could be persuaded to design it....

Hi Fred.

In NYCB's Sleeping Beauty, there is a great deal of gesturing without it actually being mime. And I agree that the mime skills of the company leave a lot to be desired. However, the debut of Ana Sophia Scheller as Aurora was astonishing. I don't know who is inspiring Ana these days, but she clearly has artistic goals higher than most anyone else.

I've only seen a few clips of the Vikharev on YouTube, so really can't say much about it. The costumes do look a little fussy though.


Agreed...Scheller was phenomenal.....I just hope that she does not leave NYCB....but would like to see her dancing as a guest some of these wonderful roles at other companies.
You can see the complete Viharev "Sleeping Beauty" on Youtube , should you have the inclination and the time.....in addition to the complete "Le Corsaire" reconstruction from the Bolshoi - which puts the silly ABT version in the shade - (Ratmansky and Burlaka ,not Vikharev)...and Petipas "Coppelia".....and "The Awakening of Flora"... and the commentaries by MrLopez are priceless...

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