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February 08, 2013


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I was at this performance too, Haglund, and I agree with everything you say. Except. That never having seen Megan Fairchild or Ana Sophia Scheller dance the first movement of Symphony in C, I thoroughly enjoyed Abi Stafford's performance. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

I was in awe of the "save" in Maria Kowroski's adagio, as I really thought she was going to fall--and then she didn't! What a stunning performance by a luminous dancer! In the finale she stood head and shoulders above everyone else, literally and metaphorically.

Having been an ABT person all these many years, I am gradually coming to enjoy NYCB, mostly because your reviews are so vivid that every one makes me wish I had been there myself to see what you've described.

Thanks so much for the compliments, Angelica.

Last fall Ana Sophia Scheller took the First Movement of Symphony in C to a most unexpected level. I'm so looking forward to seeing her debut as Aurora on Feb. 20th.

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