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April 23, 2013


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I'm sad that Jared got saddled with Isabella - she's not likely to be any more of a giving partner than the bullish Osipova was last year, who basically ignored Jared and tried to jump through all the lifts which Jared is more than capable of doing terrifically. (I also think Skylar Brandt or Nicole Graniero would've been a much more exciting choice than Isabella for the role - and since Gemma is doing it no one can claim they'd be too short).

I also think it's somewhat ridiculous to have Simkin in Bolle's cast. I loved Bolle's acting in Onegin last year, I thought it was one of his strongest characters to date - inserting a ham sandwich in the middle of that performance is almost criminal.

I'm sad, too, Rachel. Jared and Maria Riccetto were fantastic last year with Bolle and Kent. I agree that Skylar and Nicole would have been much, much better choices than Isabella. And I dread having to watch Simkin fumble through the partnering like he did last year, and then act like it's someone else's fault.

Love seeing Sarah Lane's name listed in any cast. I have a question that I was hoping you might be able to answer. Recently, I noticed on Lane's profile, its lists she is sponsored by Donna and Richard Esteves. Has this always been the case? Or is this new? Thanks in advance. Love reading your blog.

Hi Keelia. Thanks much for reading H.H.

I really don't know if that sponsorship is new or not, but I had not noticed it previously.

I saw the studio rehearsal of Jared and Isabella today. Jared was sensational!

Jared is fabulous as Lensky. I saw him last year. Hopefully we'll see his Albrecht next year –– with Yuriko.

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