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March 04, 2014


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Maybe, something is cooking over at ABT? About time.

From your lips to God's ears . . .

I'm glad Australia gets to see that but I seethe with jealousy. Hopefully it's Part/Gomes (not holding my breath...) and a trusty bootlegger uploads it all to youtube for the rest of us poor souls.

Interested to hear more about Stiefel, though I hope he doesn't land at LA Dance Project which seems to be snatching up all the recent NYCB retirees (who are wasting their time, imo, if ballet is a real focus for them).

I would love to see Ethan become the AD of ABT but at this point McKenzie, like Anna Wintour of Vogue, will likely be there for atleast another decade before he is replaced with someone else. Unlike the dancers, ABT's board seem very satisfied with what he is doing with the company. I wouldn't mind seeing him become a ballet master. Lord knows that company needs it.

Hi, Tiffany.

ABT's 75th Anniversary (next year) would be a logical "out with the old, in with the new" AD opportunity except for the fact that the anniversary would then be focused on McKenzie, which it should not be.

If Stiefel became a ballet master, it would enable McKenzie to hold on longer because Stiefel would be helping to cover up his ineptitude. We need a change at the top.

Sorry OT (please delete if necessary) but POB will tour Montreal, Canada for 4 days starting on Oct 16 with Lacotte Paquita(!).

Thanks, Al! That is pretty exciting news. When I read that yesterday, my first thought was that POB might then dip over the U.S. border for a few days at the Koch Theater during the end of October. My second thought was to check transportation to Montreal. POB dancing Paquita is totally worth the trip.

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