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April 27, 2014


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Maybe one of the Big Apple horses was feeling peckish? Damrosch Park does look utterly depressing in the summertime, which is a shame because there is clearly a huge desire for outdoor eating/lounging spaces around Lincoln Center.

A couple summers ago they planted a smattering of tiny knockout roses, which slightly mitigated the urban wasteland aesthetic, but it seemed like an afterthought at best. Unfortunately, I don't see any way they can maintain a perennial garden when they periodically cover that space in temperature-controlled tents. Is there a donor out there willing to finance lush plantings of annuals each spring and summer, like the ones we see in the medians of Broadway? This would admittedly be a more wasteful, less cost-effective style of landscaping.

Interestingly, the Google Earth image of Damrosch Park must have been taken during Fashion Week, and it allows one to see just how much of that park becomes covered in tents.

What a waste of acres of sunny, outdoor space...

Here's an idea: why not have a lottery or some other system in which gardening groups can gain access to landscape one of those square-shaped raised beds for the spring and summer?

Hi FoF.

I haven't heard lately about the status of the lawsuit brought against Lincoln Center for using the park in a way that blocks public access. The NYC Parks Department wanted to sever ties with Lincoln Center because of LC's abuse of Damrosch Park. There's no reason that Fashion Week and the Big Apple Circus cannot go elsewhere.

There are some rose bushes and pansies in some of the beds but they look obligatory and are a far cry from the lush azalea beds that were so beautiful for so long.

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