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April 08, 2015


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She is an extremely beautiful ballet dancer. I purchased tickets to her performance of Cinderella on the 4th. I'm hoping nothing gets in the way of her performing.

But if she decides to leave for The Australian Ballet, I would understand. It already looks as if they are seeding the ground for the big announcement.

Stella is simply breathtaking. From head to toe.

breaks my heart that we don't get to see her as giselle in ny. completely unfair to her and to us.

Oh, this is so wonderful to read that
beautiful Stella is loved and appreciated by the Australian Ballet.

I agree that it is so wrong that we in NY do not get to see Stella's Giselle, and those who ARE being forced down our throats as Giselles just add insult to the injury. ABT's Giselles at the Met are not selling well: not Kent's, not Boylston's, not Seo's, not Osipova's, not any. And yet, the company has and has had a treasure trove of gorgeous Giselles ready to save the day: Abrera, Murphy, Lane, Part, and the incredible, possibly the Giselle of all Giselles - Yuriko Kajiya. But instead, we keep getting served up moldy, stale, tasteless, and downright distasteful Giselles. The Giselle stable needs a clean sweep from top to bottom - THIS YEAR. Especially, we have had enough of the declining prima who forces herself on the audience because she wants her kids to see her dance on stage. ENOUGH!

We in the Philipines are very pleased to hear this, especially that Stella first danced Giselle right here last year. I would love to see her dance the role again. If, when she danced here she was already wonderful, I can just imagine what she looks like now!

Hi, Lillane! Thanks for stopping by H.H.

Yes, we certainly remember Stella's debut with Ballet Philippines last year. How lucky you were to have seen it! We covered it 24/7 here on the blog -- thanks to the wonderful contributions by Stella's fans all over the world.

Hopefully, we in New York will someday have the opportunity to see her perform the role that she was destined to dance.

Much anticipation here, I'm looking forward to having my heart broken next week! The Australian Ballet have had some big retirements over the last few years, and there are a slew of debuts in this season of Giselle. AB don't tend to have a long string of guests coming through, so I'm doubly excited to have the opportunity to see Stella's Giselle.

Hi, Joanne!

Please stop by H.H. again after you see Stella's Giselle to tell us how it went.

We're heartbroken stateside because we're missing it.

Can't report on Stella's opening night but am making Special Trip to Sydney for her second show. Will try to report.

That's FABULOUS, Anna. Thanks much. Many of us have been dreaming about seeing her dance with the lilies for well over a decade.

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