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July 22, 2015


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Thanks for this, Haglund. Somogyi is a wonderful dancer. After not seeing her for what seemed like 3 years, it looks like I won't see her again--can't get to NY in October. Is her retirement related to the injury that kept her out for so long?

Hi, Marta.

Jennie returned last spring to dance a few performances of Episodes. She looked awesome, but that particular ballet was not really much of a test for what she would have to face in the rest of her regular rep. I really don't know if she is recovered or not.

I am sad about this. She's a favorite. The past 10 or so years have not been kind to her body and have robbed her of peak potential.

Miss Somogyi is also Hungarian through and through.

This is sad, one of the senior-most ballet dancers in the company and it's always sad to see them retire but I feel this should have happened a couple years ago. Seems like she was constantly injured in the last few years. I remember seeing her perform Hippolyta in Midsummer and she was electric but that was back in 1999 or so.

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