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July 25, 2015


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The online brochure for the L.A. Music Center dance series identifies ABT's program as three Ratmansky ballets: The Firebird, Symphony No 9, and Piano Concerto No. 1. See MusicCenter.org.

That's interesting, J. Did you see the picture of Symphonie Concertante that is now on the website?

Perhaps plans have changed? ABT has another discrepancy with its scheduling at Bard College this fall. The ABT website has always shown The Green Table on the program, but the Bard website shows Ratmansky's Piano Concerto No. 1.

Yes, I did see the photo. And it wouldn't be the first time a change in programming occurred. I know we're stuck with The Firebird, but I wouldn't mind seeing Gillian Murphy and Stella Abera in Symphonie Concertante. ABT performed Symphonie Concertante at a "gala" at the Music Center several years ago (whatever the year was that Melanie Hamrick joined, as I talked to her later that evening) with Michele Wiles and Gillian Murphy, so maybe the Music Center had the photo on file. We shall see.

The worst Ratmansky would be "The Tempest," right?


I "understand" why we are getting Firebird (Misty), but it's too soon. There's so much I'd rather see and a two Ratmansky ballets seems lopsided. At least with only 3 shows (!!!), it limits the amount. Now the wait for casting for this and Nutcracker begins.

While ABT basks in its Misty-bravado, it seems not to understand that when people see the Firebird and conclude that it's a waste of time & money, they may choose not to come back for The Nutcracker which is a fine production. I wouldn't walk across the street to see that Firebird again.

Thanks for the info on the arts center, Haglund! I commute through the WTC PATH station every day, and I'm always trying to wrap my head around how exactly the site is being developed. That said, info on the arts center has been so sketchy as of late, so I'm really glad to hear that plans are going forward. They seem to be making quick work of dismantling sections of the old PATH station that are no longer in use, so that's a good sign. I think the arts center will be a WONDERFUL thing for the neighborhood and will be a big step forward in truly making the area feel like a neighborhood -- not just a 9-to-5 office space and tourist site.

I'd love to see Symphonie Concertante again, but I suspect LA was just being sort of sloppy in posting it. But I'm still crossing my fingers that ABT may in fact perform it.


The WTC PAC will include a 1000 seat theater. Wouldn't it be nice if it had a resident ballet company? I can think of one that doesn't have a permanent home.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I wish ratmansky would full stop on trying to set himself with the greats in ballet by re-doing all their masterpieces. PLEASE ENOUGH! you can't just use marketing for something like classical ballet -- that only worlks for Balanchine when the work is born from marketing. I am convinced that deep down these people really hate ballet.. otherwise why would they stand for it. i have yet to see one ratmansky that really moved me the way even a first act of petipa has. sorry people but there needs to be a spirit present. there is a lot of intellect.. but where is the spirit..>???? does no one s=feel a sacradness to the art? a connection to something greater than one's self?

Hi A trina.

I agree with you. Redoing others' work is easier than coming up with one's own original great ideas -- and it pays just as well and oftentimes gets more media attention.

To be fair Ratmansky's Don Q, Bright Stream and Nutcracker are excellent. Firebird and R&J were mediocre. And as for his original works there has definitely been a steady downward trajectory over the years. I don't know if it's a result of trying too hard or not hard enough but it seems in fact that he should stick with lighthearted remakes.

I tend to agree. The problem may be too many commissions on a nonstop basis. He has no time to focus on originality and creativity because of the pressure to produce on an ever-squeezing deadline. I would think, although I don't know, that Ratmansky's financial situation is sufficiently secure that he could scale back to making one full length or 2 1-act ballets per year. Less might mean more. Or it might just mean less.

Some thoughts relating to A trina...every time I see Giselle at the Met, I think, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I agree with you! Not every full-length ballet has to be tinkered with to sell tickets. A pure, technically sound production without complicated sets and costumes does it for me. That is why I will buy an orchestra ticket to Giselle again and again. It ain't broke. (PS- I was at Paloma's farewell, and I need to give a big shout-out to the Act II corps- they were divine.)
As for Ratmansky's work at ABT- I was disappointed in all three Shostakovich works, and I didn't enjoy On the Dnieper. However, Watching NYCB dance Russian Seasons was once of my all-time favorite performance experiences. It moved me so deeply, and I would love to see ABT tackle it.

I have to disagree a bit with Nickamoto. I think Pictures At An Exhibition is a pretty good work. I think Ratmansky has done much better pieces for NYCB than for ABT. To say his original work is on a downward slide might be overstating things.

Hi, Lisa. I wonder why Ratmansky's work for NYCB is so much better than what he does for ABT and other companies. What type of interference or obstacles does he experience working with ABT that he doesn't at NYCB? His Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet, both done for other companies, have disappointed as well.

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