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September 25, 2015


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On the viber public chat Stella hinted she is rehearsing Monotones and is in the new Mark Morris piece.

Thanks for providing the information on the great Time article and video on Yuriko, Haglund. What a lovely dancer and person she is, and I'm pleased that Time is acknowledging her ability, as is Houston Ballet.

It saddens me that ABT is not developing its own dancers. I have been attending ABT performances for over four decades, and this company had been a source of great joy for me. As I recall, in the past they would tour (to Chicago) with two full length ballets and a mixed bill. I would see two or three performances. (Last year it was a weekend only of a repeated mixed bill of Fancy Free, etc.) It used to be affordable to attend even as a teen or twenty something years ago.

Now that is not so. Perhaps the economy is partly to blame, but so is spending the money on way too many guest artists. Without enough notice of casting, I cannot make travel plans in time. Very disappointing because I no longer live in a large city with access to ballet. ABT said they will list the remainder of casting in October. I really want to see Stella Abrera in a principal role in a full length ballet!

I will keep track of Yuriko's performances with Houston Ballet. With luck they will tour closer to me.

"[B]ringing into question the powerful rituals of the courts." I fear, Haglund, that this is what you do when you can't dance.

I couldn't agree with you more, Georgiann. America's so-called National Ballet Company isn't doing such a grand job of bringing dance to America.

When preliminary casting for spring is announced next month or whenever the first brochure arrives, Stella's name had better be on it as a leading principal - not secondary principal - in some performances or there will be another firestorm.

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming about what Yuriko Kajiya will do with the Rose Adagio when Houston Ballet presents Sleeping Beauty in February and March.

Angelica – so true, and isn't it sad.

Stella better get an O/O and a Sylvia.

I totally agree about the Sylvia for Stella, but only O/O with a commitment to do everything including all the fouettes. A few years ago, I saw her opt to do them to the left (with releves on the right leg) instead of to her dominant right side in a performance as Gamzatti. Apparently she was having trouble with the left supporting leg, and chose to switch legs instead of bailing on them. That was gutsy. We need gutsy in Swan Lake, not planned failure. Yes, I would like to see her do O/O with Marcelo. That would be fabulous.

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