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December 07, 2015


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I decided against seeing this yesterday, but if an encore presentation comes up I will reconsider. The reason I didn't go? The annoying camera work on the recent Giselle; I didn't want to chance experiencing that again.

I did see the original Nutcracker broadcast and loved it. I thought it contained the best characterization of Drosselmeier I have ever seen.

Thanks to your alert I am going to see Gelsey Kirkland's company do their Nutcracker. I am very much looking forward to that. Alas, I couldn't fit the Yorkville Nutcracker into my schedule.

Thanks very much for all your good alerts.

Ellen M.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Lady of the Camellias (and for alerted readers to the opportunity to see this work in the cinema in the first place!) I had not seen this ballet before and appreciated Neumeier's use of the stage in particular. As you noted, it was sometimes difficult to keep track of the action because of the camera choices. Still, having Armand on the far side of the stage almost in the first box in some scenes was effective. The various ways the choreographer managed to convey "flash backs" really worked for me also. I was less impressed with the beauty of the actual dance steps. With all that beautiful Chopin music, I kept thinking a Cranko or MacMillan would have done more.

Like you, I loved the Hamburg dancer who played Armand.

Thanks for your recommendation about the upcoming Nutcracker. I will try to make it. Isn't there a Royal Ballet Nutcracker coming up in the next week or so as well?

Ellen & Jennifer, there is so much to see at this time of year that it's nearly overwhelming.

Regarding the RB's upcoming Nutcracker - it is very confusing. Yes, there is a live transmission of the Dec 13 performance starring Lauren Cuthbertson and Matthew Golding. However,at the Sunshine Cinema on the LES on December 13, it appears that they may be showing the 2009 DVD version. Symphony Space on the UWS is showing a RB Nutcracker on December 27 in collaboration with WQXR and the ROH but the website doesn't specify cast or year. This is one of those buyer beware situations although I imagine both performances would be worth seeing.

"Lady of the Camellia's" was a wonderful ballet. I really felt the emotions through the dancers, and especially enjoyed Edvin Revazov's dancing and acting. I must agree that the filming was annoying, and that it distracted from the whole design of the ballet. Even the dancers feet were not fully in the camera range in the beginning. Remember that Fred Astaire insisted he be filmed entirely rather than with close ups of the feet or head?

Happily there was better attendance at my theater than when I attended "Jewels". Still, there were only about a dozen people. The Bolshoi's "Nutcracker" isn't scheduled to play in my area, but the other Bolshoi ballets are. Thanks for the review, Haglund.

Glad you enjoyed it, Georgiann, and that there were a few more people in the theater with you.

That's a good point about Fred Astaire's insistence. Much was lost due to the Bolshoi/Pathé camerawork. I haven't tried to do a camera comparison with the original filmed version with Marcia Haydee and Ivan Liska (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeBNkV5aw1s ) or the Paris Opera Ballet's fine version ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paLMB3BPnlA ). I recognized similar frames but neither of those performances seem as clumsily filmed as what we saw on Sunday. None of these filmed versions, however, make the viewer feel as though he is living in the time of the event quite like the stage presentation does.

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