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April 13, 2016


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Let's hope our dreams would come true Haglund! Perhaps Bocca will finally set "the board" straight or change them entirely! It is so sad to see so much talent go to waste all these years! I am curious of whatever happened to the new Executive Director too? It seems she is so quiet...maybe some back room dealings going on?

Now would be a good time to see McKenzie leave. Rachel Moore left, Barbee and Kent are gone. Makes sense for McKenzie to retire and bring in a new regime.

Hopefully "back room" dealings with Bocca although I imagine that something like that would take place at a higher level. It's disappointing to see that the new ED is also one of the trustees (as was Rachel Moore) along with McKenzie. There is too much opportunity for self-grading of one's performances and improper influencing of others on what is supposed to be an independent board. BTW, it must be close to time for Kramer's tenure as Board Chairman to be over. Let's hope that his replacement isn't Misty Copeland's sponsor/loves-to-put-his-hands-on-her bd member Valentino Carlotti or any dancer's sponsor. This board has been a joke-ass board for too long.

This could be great news if true. I would hope to see Bocca promote the deserving dancers (such as Lane) and let the less than polished quietly leave.

For too long we've been forced to watch little pet projects of the board and directorship flounder around on the stage.

It seems the imports continue at ABT, latest news on their social media is Mathias Heymann of the Paris Opera Ballet! Meantime, it seems Alban Lendorg whom they recently hired is now MIA! I may be missing something but I don't recall seeing his name in the season?! Hope Bocca will return to set things straight!!

That's a shame. The role of Conrad is good for breaking in male dancers to principal roles. There are seven principal roles in the ballet; so a newbie can dance Conrad without having to shoulder too much pressure and responsibility. (Remember Stearns' baptism by fire as Conrad to Irina's Medora? She was the best thing to happen to him.) This would have been a perfect opportunity for Tom Forster. Mathias Heymann is a wonderful technician, but I've not been blown away by his "excitement" inducing talents. Maybe McKenzie is banking on the rest of the cast to CARRY the guest artist.

Re: Lendorf. It's so unfair (and ridiculous) to continue to allow him a principal designation on the roster when he goes two seasons without dancing here. Meanwhile, for years, Hammoudi, Forster and Gorak have been trying to carve careers out of guest artist leftovers.

Indeed all this is a shame and unfortunately not surprising! I am in agreement about the "Lendorf"issue as I am sure there is money that can be saved somehow? I do wonder if he is on contract for full payroll while not dancing? Either way it is a tragedy that homegrown dancers are not nurtured or used to their full potential!

Have to disagree Haglund, you may hate ABT importing dancer policy (although in this case it's exchange artist) but I don't think Heymann needs any of ABT casts to carry the performance for him sorry but I have to raise my eyebrow for your choice of words - you must have never see his dance.

I certainly have seen him. Who can forget that odd Rubies PdD that he performed with Dupont here some years back. I don't find him to have the type of firecracker (or smoldering) appeal that the role of Conrad favors.

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