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April 10, 2016


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Thank you for sharing this Haglund! It would be great to have him back in the US, especially if he can change things for the current ABT! Sorry for my ignorance but just very curious if the offer for Bocca is $1M annual what is the current AD getting? Does the current administration really earn that or more for doing nothing?

Hi, H.F.

McKenzie's last reported salary from the 2013 Form 990 is $298,574 with additional "other" compensation of $9,117. It is a lot less than what Peter Martins is paid, but Martins' job encompasses far more than McKenzie's and, of course, he's doing a much better job in all respects. Julio is definitely worth $1 million -- if indeed an offer was made.

Thank you Haglund for this interesting information. That would be a significant boost then for Bocca and agree about the worthiness!! Totally agree about Martins too! Guess we will have to wait and see?!

The offer from ABT is one rumor I am hoping turns out to be true. I can't even imagine how incredible that would be. It would be a reason to be excited about ABT again.

Agree, SM. The overall quality of the men's dancing would soar with Julio as the leader, but we will never in our lifetimes ever again see anything close to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLEoRiSC0no To discover such talent, physique, commitment, and heart all rolled into one being is a once in a lifetime find.

I don't think Bocca would have excelled as he did without having Baryshnikov as example, wrangler, and propellant.

Thank you for the link! I had to pick myself off the floor after watching that video. Julio Bocca was indeed a once in a lifetime find. His performances should be required viewing for all dance students and for all mankind for that matter. :)

I hope Julio comes back to ABT!

Delayed post... more a repost but this video of Julio is still amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI1jHIwPbVw

Thanks Anon! One of my favorite moments of this variation is about 24-25 seconds into the video. Julio has just completed all of those double tours and then accelerates into a soutenu, finds the balcony with his face, and keeps accelerating.

I've seen this whole video (can't seem to find it now) and he and Ferri do take liberties with Balanchine's choreography, but it still is remarkable what they do with it.

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