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May 05, 2016


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I thought American Rhaosody was very dull and unimaginative. I hated the pandering to Arobbie Fairchild, making him seem goofy. In fact, I think this is a cover for the fact he's still not in top form. At least, Tiler, Unity and Amar took their roles seriously and danced well. Also, the costumes were just not flattering or eye catching. I love Janie Taylor but when it comes to costumes people should go to Reid and Harriet. I'm sum, as a friend pointed out, it seems like Wheeldon was just phoning it in.

Lisa, ITA.

Wheeldon's new ballet immediately preceding American Rhapsody (Strapless for the Royal Ballet) was not well-received either. Hopefully, he will take a step back and give more thought to the content of his choreography and not over-calendar himself.

At this point in his career, why is he creating more than one work per year? Presumably, he doesn't need the money, and cutting back on the number of creations would increase the value and demand of those he does make. It would also give him time to "bank" creative ideas, let them simmer, go back to them, think more....

I too was disappointed with American Rhapsody. Rhapsody in Blue is the quit essential Art Deco Roaring '20's theme. What was Janie Taylor thinking with those costumes? They were apropos of nothing. The choreography was trite and uninspiring. Gershwin's "Blue" is a masterpiece and deserves a lot better. I kept wondering what Balanchine would have done with it. And I also kept wishing I was watching the spectacular Fantasia 2000 animated rendition instead.

Tiler Peck was, as always, luminous. She is a treasure.

ITA, Maria.

At least tonight everyone seemed confident in their steps, but it sure was a waste of beautiful music.

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