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June 13, 2016


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I saw this program on Thursday night and really enjoyed it although much of the cast I saw was different from the one you reviewed. I agree that Amy Aldridge stood out in Temperaments. I enjoyed the Trisha Brown piece more than you did, in part because I am quite impressed with Lillian Di Piazza. She also danced in the Beethoven which kept my attention.

Folks considering a train or bus trip from NY (or, like me, from Washington) should know that $17 community rush tickets are available the day of the performance. I sat in the center orchestra Thursday night for this discounted ticket price. So affordable!

Thanks, Jennifer.

I enjoy Lillian in everything that she dances. Yesterday, she was a replacement for Mayara and danced with Craig Wasserman in Sanguinic instead of the partner she danced with earlier in the week, the taller & more experienced Arian Molina Soca. While there were no partnering flubs, so to speak, Lillian and Craig didn't seem like an optimal match-up.

Thanks for the Community Rush ticket info. Here's the link on the PABallet website: http://paballet.org/rush-tickets

I'm finding it easier and easier to get to these performances. If one plans ahead, the Amtrak fares are very reasonable, especially the senior fares, and it is a pleasant hour & 20 min ride. The five minute cab ride from the 30th street station to the theater is about $7 (plus tip), and it's easy to grab a cab afterwards because they are usually lined up across the street at the Double Tree Hilton cab stand. There is also a SEPTA subway stop at the 30th St Station and a stop right next to the theater which would probably be cheaper. And there are so many places to grab a bite to eat very close by.

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