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June 01, 2016


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Such a loss for us all here! :( Happy for Stanton to notice talent when he saw them! IMO another artistic blunder for ABT!

That photo of Yuriko is stunning! ABT could learn a thing or two from the Houston Ballet marketing department.

@SM - Aside from the recycled promotional picture that looks like a scatological joke, ABT's photos are not that bad. The problem comes in presentation. Their promotional material jumbles the lovely photos in an unflattering, confusing puzzle. Again, I would love to know who is designing the layout. He/she needs to be replaced.

I wish I could see Yuriko Kajiya dance Giselle. She looks beautiful.

I totally agree with melponeme_k, some photos look like they replaced heads on old photos! Recycling in general is a good thing but not in this case, LOL! As for HB Giselle I do wish them the best and hope the flooding in the area will not effect anyone or any performances.

I took a look at the Marketing Dept. names listed on ABT's Staff page. Most of them are straight from school into decent positions on the ABT payroll. No one with years experience in the field except at ABT. There is no one who has developed a marketing/advertising aesthetic or strategy. Or, more likely, they have not been allowed to do so. There should be a strong head, studying ticket sales, audience feedback, and creating marketing campaigns on those tangibles. Not propping up Board member favorites or patron favorites or taking orders from dancer managers.

This is another sign that the company is run like some local neighborhood dance recital school.

Couldn't have said it better myself melponeme_k!

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