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October 21, 2016


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Wow. I must say I'd be very pleased if she's truly left the company. I had such high hopes when she joined, given her willowy physique and prodigious technique, but she just seemed like an emotional blank in most performances. And in recent years, she's often danced twice per week in the warhorses, taking up opportunities I'd rather see go to others. I have pretty much no interest in seeing Kochetkova, so I agree with you there, as well.

Looking at the roster makes me feel kind of heartbroken all over again about David Hallberg, though. And Connor Holloway posted a pic on Instagram the other day of him using ballet slippers stamped with Hallberg's name on the inside. I don't want to give up hope yet, but is there any precedent for such a long absence?

Oh noooo, you folks in NY can have Kochetkova, I am sick of watching her emotionless performances here in SFB. Haglund, are you going to ban me from your site for saying so 😱?

And Luciana Paris! I would love to see her in principal roles.

Kochetkova is known for being rude. She was a guest artist at my old school and avoided students at all costs and refused to talk to us. One girl asked her to sign her shoes and she scoffed and did signed them grudgingly. My good friend was training at SFB this summer and said she was extremely rude to the students that were about to enter the room she was in to take class- with Cynthia Harvey as the teacher no less! Her performances do nothing for me, I say she can take her ego back to SF for all I care, I'll be happy to see more of ABT's promising up and comers (and of course my favorite seasoned vets)

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