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October 06, 2016


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I saw the costume drawings on ABT website post, I do hope they can dance in them! :) Don't get me wrong since I do love Mark Ryden's work, but some reminds me of Margaret Keane - ish with the Big Eyes? Very surreal and interesting art for sure and would be fun for young audiences, perhaps a nice ticket draw with this refreshing style. Just hope it won't turn into a longer version of the Land of Sweets :)

@Hagland Fan

The story for the ballet is weirder than the Land of the Sweets. I read the synopsis, it is about a young boy who gets sick on candy and hallucinates he is in candy land. Going by that, I would say this is going to be a little more nightmarish than The Nutcracker.

A few artists do that Margaret Kean BIG eye look. Another artist who draws creepy little girls is Nicoletta Ceccoli.

Oh dear! Thanks for the heads up Haglund, this will be interesting, for the lack of a better word :)! It will all remain to be seen with the choreography and costumes, from the artwork they seem quite cumbersome, but we shall see :)

Indeed the work does feel similar of tones/colors of Nicoletta Ceccoli, however, I feel her work can be a bit disturbing at times (with the decapitation of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland piece). This story sounds more of hallucinations and over indulgence.

cute tuxedo Haglund! I have a tuxedo too!!!! :-) :-)

H.F. – I think it will be fine. I recall a favorite childhood book entitled The Boy Who Ate Flowers. Thinking back, it was all probably a little strange, but the tulip pies really caught my imagination.

ABT can always use a new family-friendly production that also appeals to adults. It may turn out to be similar to the Met Opera's Hansel and Gretal. There was some pretty dark and scary stuff in there but kids loved it.

Hopefully Ratmansky will cast Sarah in the lead. Seems like he favors her more than any other ballerina at ABT.

I don't know about favoring her, but he certainly respects her talent a lot more than McKenzie does.

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