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November 10, 2016


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I can sit through a lackluster lead in Giselle (a great crops and a good Myrtha goes a long way for me), but since Don Q is purely a showcase of virtuosity for Kitri and Basilio, I think I will skip out on it this year as well. Unfortunate! But the Herrera/Corella/Carreño days are too fresh in my mind. I used to go to every performance I could to see every possible dancer combination. When Angel Corella stepped on the stage it was like looking at the sun and he knew it. Sigh, when a company and its dancers are on top you don't believe it will ever end.

Multiple Giselles and Onegins for me it is, I suppose. To lighten the mood, here's a clip of Sarah in all her effortless glories:

I couldn't help comparing it to this, which is a microcosm of what bother's me about Boylston's Petipa roles:

I actually like Isabella as a person and have enjoyed her performances in the right ballets (usually not the classics), so I don't mean to come down on her too hard. I just don't understand the promotions schemes at ABT these days. I do think Devon and Sarah will get it this year, as Vishneva is leaving and they need to prep new stars for the post-Gillian and Veronika situation. Coupled with the eventual Skylar and Cassandra promotions, and I think we have an actual future on our hands!

Thanks, Zoot.

When I first saw that video of Boylston, I thought that she was actually presenting a self-caricature, but I'm afraid she's totally serious. Can't even get with the music in rehearsal. And oh my, what a goopy, sloppy mess. But she sure seems to be making a party of it.

That video of Sarah, while lovely, concerns me greatly because there is no sound. Was the sound removed because her shoes were loud? Possibly. As much as we are looking forward to seeing her Giselle, there will be no excuse for noisy shoes. She doesn't need those hard shoes for Act II at all, and shouldn't need them for Act I. Hopefully if more clips are offered in the coming months, we'll see Sarah in shoes that are broken down to a suitable softness. I do not want to hear those shoes.

I guess I'm in the minority but I love hearing the shoes! To me it's what makes ballet a unique art form.

Did Ballett von Staatstheaters really have their dancers rolling around in whipped cream? Did my eyes deceive me? LOL. Ratmansky is going to have turn that scene up to 11. Maybe turn it into a full audience participation event. All those expensive front row seats would surely love being covered in cool whip!

Seriously, I'm still keeping up hope that it will be a good year for Lane, Teuscher, Lavine, Gorak, Brandt and all the other dancers that I love in ABT. The company still has a chance to renew. If the powers in charge allow it.

I thought principal dancers had coaches that corrected the mess. Do they not have them at ABT anymore? I must now un-do that video from my mind by watching a few hours of Uliana Lopatkina.

I am still baffled as to why The Golden Cockerel is back!?! I thought ticket sales was below par last season? Now we have to deal with this Whipped Cream? I am all for progress and new work but will have to agree with Haglund about the "same steppy stuff". I see the very tired Le Corsaire back as well?! I'd have to say that this actually helps me financially, since I can skip two weeks and save a few, especially in light of what is to come with the economy!

Somebody please, PLEASE, record bits of Copeland's Don Q. Or Giselle's performances. Preferebly, the technically difficult bits. The reason WHY I ask this is because out of the countless profiles, interviews and such that we can find online, I have yet to come across a real, unedited, video of her in a classical role. I'm actually curious if she could pull it off. I don't live in NYC and even if I did, definetely wouldn't buy tickets to see her, But I'll seat through a YouTube session. Followed by hours of Lopatkina detox, like our friend SM.

I'm really worried about that Whipped Cream ballet. It looks like another round of Nutcracker, although with worse costumes and more crazy wheelie arms and steps.

Oh Haglund you made me laugh for the first time in about a week. Thank you!

Great news for Teuscher. She's dancing O/O at the KC with none other than Gomes as Sigfried. It should be a great debut show for her.

I have a strong feeling that Devon will be the next girl promoted to principal status, possibly in June/July 2017. We're down two tall girls (Polina is gone and Vishneva is leaving) plus we have 3 tall ladies in their late 30's (Murphy is still in top shape though, she might be in it for 5-8 more years possibly, but at some point certain roles will have to go). In your late 30's even a minor injury can bench you, because you can't risk aggravating that injury, so they will need someone to cover roles in case of a minor setback and they can't keep relying on Seo to do so.

Now sadly, my heart still aches because I don't see Sarah getting a promotion at all. It seems like they have all the short spots covered with you know whom, whether said dancer is qualified to dance all/any of those roles or not.

That is great news about Devon's debut. Everyone should see her D.C. performance with Marcelo, because you never can tell who she'll get stuck with at the Met in June. While we could always hope/dream for a Hammoudi or Forster pairing with her, it's more likely that she'll get stuck with a Whiteside which means we'll pass over that performance.

Sadly, it appears that McKenzie is pushing out Veronika just like he pushed out Irina Dvorovenko, by giving her fewer and fewer performances – not enough to stay in stage shape – and saddling her with the likes of Whiteside which insures that people who have such a high respect for her artistry won't want to see it soiled with his self-involved nonsense.

Also sad is to see how McKenzie has saddled the glorious, elegant, true classical dancer Cornejo with a media trophy who can't even do the steps, let alone do them well, let alone do them brilliantly to Cornejo's level.

If ever there was a year for Cornejo to surgically address his orthopedic issues, this would be it. He would lose nothing by using this year as a recovery year since he has been given nothing by being saddled with Copeland at every opportunity.

And I agree with you, Silvie, about Sarah. She along with Devon, Skylar, and Cassie are heads and shoulders above Copeland, but they are being made to sit on their hands for her benefit. They practice, Copeland whines. They sweat, she whines. They demonstrate their respect for the discipline, she whines. The optimal solution for ABT is to just keep her with Whiteside so that everyone can more easily avoid both of them.

"The optimal solution for ABT is to just keep her with Whiteside so that everyone can more easily avoid both of them." -- I agree with this completely, and I'd also like to see them do the same with Boylston and Lendorf.

I'm still holding on to hope that this will be Lane's year.

In regards to height for promotion, I believe tall female dancers are more of a detriment than a roster of smaller dancers. Smaller female dancers can be paired with any male dancer. The Tall ones can only hope to dance with men who are tall enough. The average male height in the US is about 5'9" which is not bad, but when many tall female dancers are over 6 ft on pointe, well we can see the problem. To add fuel to the fire, the ABT heads pair off dancers to showcase the Board pets. Which means the tall male dancers are strictly off limits to non-designated partners.

Whiteside is hit or miss to me. He seemed engaging when partnered with Abrera in La Fille last year. But he was withdrawn and cold when he danced Swan Lake with Part. Which was such a shame because Part is such an emotive dancer. Not only that, he didn't seem to trust that he could partner her well enough. He seemed scared to touch her. I still don't understand why she can't dance with Thomas Forster.

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