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November 21, 2016


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Haglund, where are you finding the information that Marianela will be Anastasia? I would love if you're right, because it's showing in my area in a few weeks, but everything I've seen on the ROH website indicates that Osipova has the title role: http://www.roh.org.uk/screenings/7ks4f

Yikes, you're right! I'll correct the post immediately. Nunez is Kschessinska.

In my opinion, Abrera/Gomes/Murphy is this season's dream cast of Giselle so far. Murphy/Hallberg/Abrera could be another dream. Or any combination from these four dancers.

Hi, Kallima! The choir around here totally sings with you.

I'm looking at the TBAs in the calendar that Hallberg could take and none of these spots are opposite female dancers that are the least bit interesting.

I agree, melponeme_k., except for the two Swan Lakes with Devon and Veronika. Hallberg and Veronika were a pleasant match up some years ago although some of the lifts in Act IV were omitted, if I recall correctly. Hallberg and Devon would be a smashing combination in Swan Lake. She has the coolness and beauty of a Toni Lander which would go well with his own coolness. It would also be wonderful to see Hallberg with Abrera in Mozartiana.

But McKenzie keeps trying to push his poor decisions (Boylston, Whiteside, Copeland, Seo) down everyone's throats by pairing them with highly respected dancers. Heck, if I've waited 2+ years for Hallberg to return, I can wait another season if it means I don't have watch Boylston. I couldn't force myself to fork over 5 cents if he ended up being paired with her in Giselle.

That's why I'm not taking any chances and using my money to see the one performance I know will be worth it - Lane/Simkin/Shevchenko

Smart thinking, Gerry, but don't forget about Abrera/Gomes/Murphy -- you can't go wrong there.

If I can put in my two cents, Haglund...Hallberg has spent a lot of time in Melbourne rehabbing with TAB's medical staff. My guess would be that he's role-debuting as Franz as a thank you to the company. I do wonder who he'll dance with, as naturally there's no casting information yet available on the company website :-0 A guess would be Amber Scott, Leanne Stojmenov or maybe Amy Harris, who danced with guest Luke Ingham (SFB, ex-TAB) in Melbourne. I will try to see him if I can get a ticket and if I can get up there - I'm already committed to the final performance of My Favourite Ballerina, who's hanging up her pointe shoes at the end of the season (sniff sniff).

I remember in 2010 several company members telling me I 'absolutely had to' come back to Melbourne for a Hallberg Nutcracker, and put myself into debt to do so; gosh it was worth it, he does have beautiful feet. I must admit we're very lucky to be the scene of his return.

Anna, it is great to hear from you again! How fabulous that you might be able to catch one of Hallberg's Coppelia performances. Australian Ballet is a wonderful fit for him, and hopefully he'll agree to do more performances in the coming seasons there.

I wouldn't be surprised if right about now he was cooking up a storm of a good old fashion American Thanksgiving Day dinner. He has much to be thankful for there, and I'm sure he knows that everyone here wishes him the best.

Thanks for those kind words, Haglund!

I don't know about Thanksgiving, but I do know he's been giving his time and expertise to several of the younger men in the company...maybe they made him pumpkin pie or something...maybe I should, because the fruits of his labour have been on display, particularly with one young man in the recent Neumeier Nijinsky.

As the company website finally tells us, Hallberg's Swanilda will be Amber Scott, a dancer he admires very much I am told. Beautiful dancer, yes. Playing Swanilda, no no no. Personal opinion is that she is a dancer, not a dancer who can act. I like my Swanildas believable.

Might there be some hope for ABT's Saturday night Giselle performance after all...? (Albrecht is now TBA; unfortunately Veronika's Swan Lake did not fare so well....)

Oy, CMM. Poor Veronika. Poor Us. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see her Swan Lake again -- probably not. But thank goodness that the Saturday night Albrecht is now TBA. At least we won't have to watch Whiteside joking his way through that important Giselle. It gives us a little bit of hope, anyway. I also note that Devon Teuscher and Alex Hammoudi are handsomely paired for the S.L. matinee.

There also seem to be some changes afoot in Whipped Cream. Stella's and Gillian's slots are TBA.

I saw that, too, Haglund (and Marcelo's slot in the Gala performance of Whipped Cream as well) -- and there are also Mozartiana changes.

What a shame that the important Mozartiana didn't go to Stella. I would much rather have seen Christine Shevchenko get the minor Golden Cockerel slot and Stella the Mozartiana. Shevchenko looked very good during the last season – very lean, elongated, and much stronger in the core – but she's no Balanchine dancer, not by a long shot. And there was Stella who could have followed more closely the NYCB's interpreters than anyone else at ABT but she didn't get the role.

That Tchaikovsky UNspectacular rep program is unappealing. Who cares about seeing The Nutcracker PdD in July? Does ABT plan to make some announcement that they're bringing it back to NY - running and whimpering with its tail between its legs? It doesn't matter that other parts of the world present The Nutcracker during other seasons of the year; this is New York; we get enough Nutcracker during the last 8 weeks of each year to keep us satiated for the remaining 44. This isn't Moscow. It's New York. This. Is. New. York. We do things the way we do things, regardless of who is president. (That last part just sort of slipped in there.)

Let me add that the Wed matinee during the rep week is a real cheapskate of a program. AfterEffect and Aurora's Wedding – that's it?! Gimme a break...

Re: the Wed matinee rep program -- with that casting for Aurora's Wedding, even such a short program is probably more "ballet" than the audience can take....

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