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November 06, 2016


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Dear Haglund - What a pleasure to read your reviews - so thoughtful, detailed, knowledgeable, forthright.

A question - although I've been a balletomane for almost 60 years, I'd never heard of fanny tape. Is wearing this that common or necessary?


It's not super uncommon with an absence of tights. As you can see in this photo (this may or may not have been from the performance mentioned above), Isabella perhaps made a mistake in using glue:


Thanks for asking the question. I also have never heard of fanny tape and was not completely enlightened by the photo.

Thanks Haglund as always for the review. Reading it is some compensation for not having been there.

Thanks for your review Haglund and good to read since I wasn't able to attend. Not sure if anyone else saw this but found this an interesting snip bit: <https://www.instagram.com/p/BMeLay7AI_D/?taken-by=calvinroyaliii>

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