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February 20, 2017


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Perhaps it would be sweet to have all the honorary Australians dancing Giselle: Gillian, for the first time with ABT; David, after his long, arduous recovery; and Stella, having shown her artistry and stamina by dancing 10 Sleeping Beautys in 30 days. Of course, that would not preclude David also dancing Albrecht on opening night of Giselle.

That's true, Angelica. All three of them have danced as principal guest artists with the Australian Ballet: Stella in Giselle, Gillian in La Bayadere, and Hallberg in Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Coppelia, and possibly others. It seems to be a very wonderful place to go to obtain the type of nurturing that one can't obtain at home.

I see Murphy and Hallberg are performing Giselle on the first night of Oman tour. Sarah Lane and Simkin on the final day, praise be. At least they get a warm-up for the Met performance. And, natch, the Celebrina's there too.

Yep, that's great news for Gillian/David and Sarah/Daniil. I'm sure that it will go well for them, and it will give Daniil a chance to work on the development of his character. I'm hoping for a lot more than eye squinting and face scrunching from him.

Meanwhile the celebrina has now managed to gobble up three Giselle performances in the spring when she shouldn't even have one. I doubt that anyone in Oman will realize there's anything amiss when she can't do the hops on pointe and ends up faking her way through them on demi-pointe. Hopefully, the spring casting will be rescued so that she won't be permitted to soil on Giselle at the Met.

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