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July 06, 2017


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I had to check the date on that article calling Boylston a "Balanchine ballerina" to make sure it's not an April Fool's joke that ABT took seriously and posted on their page three months later. Boylston lacks the grace, speed, precision, and overall talent necessary to execute the choreography the way Balanchine envisioned it. To her credit, her social media is full of photos and clips of her in the studio. Celebrina doesn't even bother to work on getting better any more; nearly all of her social media presence can be reduced to professional photoshoots and stuff not related to ballet.

The two extra numbers in Aurora's Wedding were in the 1921 production, choreographed by Nijinska. The Oliver Messel production of Sleeping Beauty continued to include the Three Ivans.

Perhaps the celebrina phenomenon is only going to proliferate now that public relations seems to be the new route to fame in the ballet world, or at least at ABT. When talent, technique, and artistry are absent, aspiring ballerinas may now turn to the media to make their names. I gagged when I saw the headline of the NYT article and couldn't believe what I was seeing in the clip. Who decided that Boylston was "A Natural Balanchine Ballerina"? Was that her own idea? In the old days, such an appellation would come from a learned, well-informed critic.

I forgot to mention in the review that Hallberg simplified the ending on one of his variations. He turned it into a simple double tour. Most often at NYCB we see it as double-double or sometimes single-double. I believe that Blaine did a single-double on Monday night. Not a big deal, but nevertheless shows that Hallberg is still cautiously making his way back.

I don't know that Hallberg will ever be back to what he once was. His dancing seems very cautious. I don't blame him, but he's no spring chicken either. ABT needs to get some tall, strong guys up to principal level immediately. That should be priority #1 for them.

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