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July 10, 2017


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Marcelo!! The article was a little unclear as to when he will be dancing... obviously I'd like to see him and Sara! Is he going to do all of the performances at City Center?

Is it confirmed that Marcelo will dance alongside Sara?

Also, thank you for keeping everyone aware of ABT's shady behavior.

AMJ & Yukionna, I only know what is in the article. The City Center website hasn't as yet updated the casting.

Not only are there plenty of roles for Veronika to dance on that list, there are a couple of current principals who, in my opinion, should not be dancing ANYTHING on that list.

Very exciting about Marcello joining the Red Shoes!! Looks like at least some of the dates overlap with ABT's fall season though, so wonder what that will mean for the NY performances.

Matthew Bourne's official website has the full press release and states that Marcelo will be appearing at all U.S. tour dates -- so we can expect to see him at City Center.

Catherine, I totally agree with you. She has danced Don Q pretty authentically even though it was a stretch for her natural style. Her Swan Lakes and La Bayadere are legendary. Myrtha is one of several signature roles of hers.

McKenzie needs to be called on the carpet for this one.

Is it too much to hope Skylar winds up doing all the Firebird shows rather than the two "original" cast women? That ballet is such a turkey. Though Stella (and Simone) were always lovely in it.

I'm hoping for a Sarah Lane R&J and a repeat of her Swan Lake. I dont even want to think about Bayadere without VP.

Tickets for the Real McCoy La Bayadere go on sale to the general public Wednesday, I believe, at The Kennedy Center.

What sickens me about this situation is that Veronika has a mortgage and bills to pay; she may now be without health insurance; and she has no income; and because ABT let her go at an advanced age, her prospects are limited despite the fact that she was still in the top tier of ABT women principals at her departure.

Maybe the person who put together the petition will help Veronika find an employment attorney, and if need be, put together a GoFundMe page to cover some of her legal expenses. She could get a consultation from a high profile lawyer for probably less than $800, (maybe even free, if they've been reading the news about her) and it would be worth it.

I hope ABT didn't give her a couple of months salary and persuade to sign a release. That's a common scumbag tactic.

McKenzie shouldn't get away with this. It really appears like ABT has taken advantage of an individual whose trust they cultivated.

I follow quite a few ABT dancers on instagram, but as far as I have seen, only Sarah Lane has posted a few words of recognition and respect for Veronika on the occasion of her "retirement". What is going on here?

Are all her fellow dancers afraid that they might get on someone´s bad side if they show some respect for a long-standing principal? Or are they too ashamed to say something?
(Of course, I don´t follow everyone, so it is possible that someone has posted something and I missed it.)

Yes, I would assume that they are all being self-protective.

Leonie, I've noticed this as well. I follow most of them on instagram and there's been an almost complete absence of posts about Veronika from her fellow dancers, which is in direct juxtaposition to all the congratulatory posts about promotions and Diana's goodbye. The 'abtofficial' account did do a post, and there are a lot of great comments from angry Veronika-supporters.


Catherine, thanks for your information about the absence of instagram posts on Veronika´s farewell. I was not quite sure if I had overlooked them or if there were really none at all.

All of this is so sad, and it must be so humiliating for Veronika, especially when there were so many posts about Diana Vishneva and the dancers who were promoted. I really hope she doesn´t take this to heart too much.

Thank you for all your wonderful updates Haglund, I enjoy reading all since I have missed this season due to illness. Indeed sad to see the "lack there of" well wishes from the company for such a lovely ballerina, but thought this was quite sweet from one corps member: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWTbH2yFFrU/?taken-by=powi295

The silence on Instagram is so odd. With the exception of a few corps members like Paulina Waski and Scout Forsythe, none of Veronika's coworkers have acknowledged her "retirement." I'm very surprised that Marcelo Gomes, who seems like such a gentleman, has said nothing... not a word. Would someone of Marcelo's stature really face any repercussions for saying something nice on Veronika's behalf--even a simple "It's been great working with you and best of luck in the future."?? It's very strange.

I'm going to try to cut all the dancers some slack in their silence. It seems Part and everyone else was broadsided by this poorly handled decision. I also think the AD is partly working at the behest of the runaway Board of Directors who exploit the patron system (notice one particular name).

Also I'm not at all surprised that Lane was a stand up girl and wrote a tribute for Part on her instagram. She more than showed her courageous spirit these past years.

I agree, go Sarah! Re: Marcelo, I was surprised too. I actually re-checked his instagram before I posted my above comment, because I thought if anyone would say something it would be him. But as to Melponeme's point, maybe they are also in shock and just not sure what to say.

Hee Seo posted a picture of Veronika, as did a few corps members (Scout Forsythe, Katie Williams, Betsy McBride). I do remember seeing Instagram stories from a few people the day of the farewell, including Isabella Boylston. I've also thought it odd there hasn't been much, but it's possible that since Part herself doesn't use social media very frequently that some may have thought she wouldn't see the tributes anyway.

If you look at the video of her "farewell," it shows that Marcelo was the only one who kept coming forward to escort her downstage for more bows to the audience. He is a gentleman, and he obviously cared enough to be there for her, and to honor her during that important moment.

I hope Veronika might be in touch with Irina Dvorovenko, someone who can relate to her situation and possibly advise her. I am thrilled to see Irina forging a successful second career as a screen actress. She's very good.

Sarah Lane posted some Instagram stories (these posts disappear after 24 hrs) of her rehearsing Kitri. Here's hoping she'll get to debut it in the Spring.

Beautiful. And Irina Dvorovenko's comment "Exactly like that next year👏👏👏" gives us reason to be optimistic. GREAT to have Luis Ribagorda back!

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