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September 23, 2017


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I have never seen such hideous sets and costumes, or heard such torturous violin playing. Nonetheless Tess was a revelation when I saw her on Wednesday!

Hi, Iris.

Agree about the costumes and scenery, although, some of the Act I corps costumes would be fantastic in a Petipa Don Q -- but not Swan Lake. That begs the question -- why doesn't this company of amazing virtuosos have a Petipa-based Don Q? Hopefully, that is NOT on Justin Peck's to-do list.

I saw Tess's performance, too, and agree with you. In my view, she is the only NYCB Swan – so far – who can make the racing tempi work for her. It is quite amazing how she moves her legs so quickly and so effortlessly while maximizing arabesques and attitudes. Her fast bourrees are exquisite. However, she does have the same problem that most of the NYCB ballerinas do in that having long arms doesn't necessarily automatically equate with lengthening them. Long arms need to learn how to lengthen just like short arms do. I suspect that they are simply being taught incorrectly as, for example, with the mime movement that utilizes the flick of the wrist which I described above.

I saw Tess on Wednesday. She was very nice in many moments, but for me the show was stolen by Lauren Lovette and Indiana Woodward in their divertissements. They sparkled! Made me wonder how Lauren would be as a Swan Queen...

Agree that Lauren was lovely and sparkled. Not sure if she possesses the requisite level of virtuosity at this point but surely down the pike she'll have the chance to dance Odette/Odile. Indiana, too. NYCB's future just seems to look brighter and brighter.

I wish I could have seen the NYCB SW this year.

I didn't mind the tempo, the quickness highlighted themes in the score that are lost when played very slowly. It gives the score a pulse that is often missing in standard productions. Although, yes, they could slow down the pas de deux a bit.

I agree the costumes are Halloween Happy. Maybe that is why they save this production for fall! LOL

I was in NY to see Bausch's "The Rite of Spring" at BAM (is this on Haglund's schedule?) and would have loved to have seen Tess as O/O, but this production's costumes are so beyond atrocious I skipped it. I only attempted this production once several years ago, walked out at intermission after Sterling botched the sequence of passes lakeside... I remember someone begged my ticket off of me and I almost felt guilty giving it to him.

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