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September 29, 2017


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I saw Tiler's Odette/Odile today. Her Odile is so deliciously evil! Of the NYCB swans, she was the only one that moved me in the finally when Odette turns back into a Swan.

This is my first season seeing Peter Martin's Swan Lake. I wasn't planning on ever revisiting it, but after seeing Tiler's performance, I just might.

Anthony Huxley substituted for Joseph Gordon in the Act III Pd4. I'm glad to see he's back from his injury last Spring. I can't wait to see him in Square Dance next week.

Hi, yukionna.

Tiler made such a good start. Hopefully, she will seek out Swan Lake guesting opportunities that will allow her to grow in the roles. Ditto for Megan.

Agreed Haglund. They need a few more performances to develop both Odette and Odile, although after seeing both women, I think Ms. Fairchild has the stronger handle on the complete role.

Incidentally, any word from anyone who was in the audience for Sarah Lane's Swan Lake with the Kremlin Ballet? Hopefully, we see her cast on ABT's Asia tour.

I, too, saw Tiler in her Odette/Odile debut on 9/27. I really don't know what to say, other than “wow!!” It was a very special evening … and an extremely impressive debut. It's not often that there are seven curtain calls at NYCB. The audience, including me, did not want the performance to end.

I’ve never cared much for NYCB’s version of Swan Lake, but I feel so fortunate that I attended this particular performance. IMHO, Tiler was much better than Sara Mearns the week before. I’ve seen many versions of Swan Lake, by various companies, and Tiler’s debut performance was one of the very best. I’m still thinking of it... almost a week later.

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