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September 11, 2017


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Not surprised at all. His divorce is probably a contributing factor as well.

Hello, i can't help but wondering if Robert shares his personal life with the world. It must be a very difficult time for him and his wife. As much as we like/love certain dancers and we wish nothing but the best for them, but like any of us, life behind the stage is not a fairy tale. It would be nice if we know something personal about another dancer, but perhaps certain things we should keep it in private. Just out of respect and empathy.
I don't mean to offend anyone. This is exactly the reason why I, as a dancer, do not have Facebook, instangram, twitter or snap chat. It's so difficult to keep things private between you and your significant others without the whole world to know, and comment about it.

All true, J.A.D. But personal and professional lives are sometimes intertwined in such a complicated weave that it's hard to keep the messy stuff private. What happens when a beloved duo suddenly stops appearing on stage together? For example, is Who Cares? going to be just as good without Peck & Fairchild together? Those were performances that many of us literally lived to see and now we've unexpectedly seen the last of them. The ultra-devoted sector of the audience will want to know why. Certainly, other wonderful dancers will step up to the plate and do a fine, if not magnificent job, but that indescribable unique artistry of Peck & Fairchild in this ballet will be missed for a long time.

Also want to mention that over 30+ years, Peter Martins has done a fairly good job at getting the many individuals at NYCB who were involved in breakups back on the stage performing with each other, and performing well. The list is long and even exemplified by these final performances.

So true Haglund. I was at the performance of Allegro Brillante post-divorce with Veyette and M. Fairchild. I thought they had never danced better, to be honest. There was a chemistry there that was very fascinating.

NYCB has a long history of dancer relationship drama. If you go by Gelsey's autobiography, the triangle with she, Martins, and Heather Watts was a notorious mess. But I think Mr. B wasn't in the mood to entertain the personal dramas of his dancers and cast them together regardless.

I was at that Allegro Brilliante, too, and totally agree. I was expecting nothing more than a businesslike performance, but we got much, much more.

It's sad but wonderful. He needs to be in a place where he can BURST INTO SONG and dance. Too much to keep bottled up. It wouldn't be fair. Will miss him madly at NYCB, but looking forward to more fabulous contributions to musical theater.

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