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September 04, 2017


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Hi, Haglund. This press release distinctly says that Bocca is Artistic Director of the National Ballet of Sodre in Uruguay. I was under the impression that he had recently resigned from that post. Or perhaps he is in "transition" until his replacement (who I thought was going to be Maria Riccetto) takes the reins.

The information being put out by Sodre is that Julio leaves the directorship effective 2018 but will continue as a teacher of some sort. Maria Riccetto is one of three names currently being floated as his replacement.

In a similar but unrelated vein - did you see Sarah Lane's instagram post re: Irina and Max are coaching her in Swan Lake? Her partner in the video was Aran Bell. Irina was a wonderful O/O. Happy to see that.


Hi, Rachel. Yep, it's great news that Irina is working with Sarah. Can't wait to see more of the results!

Hello Haglund. My son is in the pre-professional division at JKO and is indeed very excited about this opportunity. Here's the announcement from the school:
During the last week of September, The JKO School will be partnering with the En Avant Foundation to co-produce a week of master classes. These classes and coaching workshops will focus on the ballet Romeo and Juliet, and will be taught by ABT alumni (and ballet legends) Julio Bocca and Alessandra Ferri. All Upper 2 students will participate in classes taking place during their regular class time. Additional class time will be added on Saturday, September 29th and Sunday, September 30th for coaching sessions with Mr. Bocca and Ms. Ferri. Note – classes held on Sunday, September 30th will be optional.

All Pre-Professional Division students will also attend an event on Thursday, September 28th from 6:30-8:30pm in Studio 9 during which Ms. Ferri and Mr. Bocca will speak about their partnership and performing in Romeo and Juliet. This symposium, which will be moderated by Ms. Harvey, will also feature ABT Conductor and new JKO School Faculty Member Charles Barker.

It's a great opportunity for the students. Hopefully, the coaching sessions will be videotaped for use by future generations.

Aran looks so handsome and elegant. Great danseur noble potential! Both he and Sarah look wonderful.

When I saw Aran Bell dance with the corps de ballet during ABT's Spring Season, I was struck by the fact that in addition to being a good dancer, he looked really happy and so much at home--as if there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be. I remember him from the film "First Position," in which he was a little guy who loved to perform. How wonderful that his dream has come true.

That IS exciting news about Irina and Max coaching Sarah and Aran! I met Irina and Max at the Sunday performance of Jewels. I just walked over and said hello because they were instantly recognizable from several feet away. What a beautiful couple that could not have been nicer! They told me they were involved with coaching at ABT and here they are coaching the beautiful dancing Sarah Lane. Maybe I will have to give ABT another try. Sadly, I will probably still hesitate before buying a ticket. Too much has taken place to get me back so fast.

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