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October 02, 2017


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You took the words right out of my mouth, Haglund. I always used to look forward to NYCB gala performances, both spring and fall, but I stopped attending them about five years ago. So much pretension... and such bad choreography!! Based on your review, I was wise to skip this year’s fall gala, too. I wish Peter Martins would go back to showcasing Balanchine's work at the galas, but it doesn't look like this will happen anytime soon.

I am so glad you mentioned Pennsylvania Ballet's Sleeping Beauty. Friends and I are subscribers and have heard from dancers that it will be a real treat. Get your tickets now!

Going to the premiere!!!

NYCB is in for a big fall from grace if they continue to shove Balanchine to the back burner. And frankly, I could care less about cutting edge fashion in ballet. There was a reason Karinska's costumes still endure. It's because they were pleasing to the eye and appropriate for the piece. And because Balanchine has exquisite taste and had a hand in their creation. I don't need to see Project Runway on the Koch stage. Please just make it stop. Please!

"And frankly, I could care less about cutting edge fashion in ballet. There was a reason Karinska's costumes still endure. "
I'm not a fan of Martins but he at least has a tight hold on the company. I don't think he is pushed around by the Board of Directors or the donors. They haven't gotten their greasy little hands on the casting sheets nor are their names listed all over the playbills. Just look at ABT, in total thrall to the money interests.

But again, Martins has to give them something. So the new dance "projects" and the "fashion" shows and the "art" shows are his way of throwing them some bones.

If the next AD of NYCB doesn't have a spine of steel, it could go the way of ABT. Heaven forbid!

Ugh, a terrible rep at NYCB and a terrible rep at ABT. What a boring fall. :(

Yes, Amy, it is terrible and the poor ticket sales reflect the audience's overall opinion of the season. Neither NYCB nor ABT is putting its best foot forward for the audience. How disrespectful.

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